Sick bags on stand-by!

Have a read of this one:

“Australia awarded honorary citizenship to World War II hero Raoul Wallenberg on Monday, marking the first time the country has bestowed the honor.

Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat stationed in Budapest during the Holocaust, saved thousands of Jews during the Nazi occupation of Hungary, with the backing of the Swedish government.

“The lives of those he rescued are Mr. Wallenberg’s greatest memorial and Australia is honoured to have survivors he rescued living in Australia today,” Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard said, according to AFP and The Australian.

An official ceremony is scheduled for May 6 in Canberra. Wallenberg has previously been awarded posthumous honorary citizenship of Israel, Hungary, the United States and Canada.

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It’s wasn’t difficult to save thousands of Jews when the Germans weren’t even trying to kill them anyway! And our wonderful PM Jew-Liar Gillard says its a blessing to have these holohoax survivors living here…. I’ll tell ya what, without all these “survivors” promoting their multiracialist policies we might actually be living in a homogeneous white european country!

Fuck me, these whining Jews never stop with this Holocaust bullshit. I hope they just keep pushing it until people no longer give a fuck about it and it has no propaganda value…