This Is The Sort Of Thing That Happens In Communist Victoria- WHOLE PLANET PAY ATTENTION:

This is one of the most disgraceful things I’ve ever seen.

Here we have Victoria police entering the home of a normal white couple and arresting the pregnant woman over a very mild anti-lockdown protest post she made on Facebook. This is really what it’s come to: disagree with anything the government says and the cops will come and arrest you, charge you and humiliate you in front of your own children. I can barely put into words how angry seeing this makes me feel.

This is the post she made:

Now, you tell me whether this woman is some sort of terrible criminal deserving of the treatment she got?? She went to all the trouble of stressing how she wanted the protest to be legal by Virus Standards, yet still the pigs come a knocking.

This is absolute tyranny and it is thoroughly sickening to see.

We, as Australians, must all throw our support 100% behind people like Zoe and her family. Because you know what, if we don’t they’ll be coming for us next. The time for pretending that this isn’t some kind of sick tyranny based around some vague hoax virus is over. We absolutely must support people like Zoe and her family. These people are our OWN KIN being treated like shit in our OWN COUNTRY.

The most aggravating part of this whole affair is that these are WHITE police officers doing the arresting. They would do well to bear in mind that hell is a very hot place; you’ll probably need more than just a mask when you get there!

Bottom Line: This thing is crashing and it’s going to burn. Pick your side. Either you’re with the good guys like Zoe and her family or you’re with the tyranny. The time for fence sitting has evaporated.

-ETP Admin.

One thought on “This Is The Sort Of Thing That Happens In Communist Victoria- WHOLE PLANET PAY ATTENTION:”

  1. great site…..just found it among my many book marks….you speak truth , my friend….when god has your back you can’t lose…..kenites(descendants of cain)……these people, vermin, snakes, are the evil parasite that has infected this world…..i call it the clown world….anyway, cain, who our lord called the first murderer. after being booted from gods garden of paradise,,,,found a wife, created a city, and had many off spring……, we now know that adam, and eve were not the first human beings god created…..on the sixth day god created man, both male, and female. these were the races, and also monguls of mixed breeds of fallen angels, and the son’s of men…….
    why did god have to have a second creation of man?…..if you have any common sense. it would tell you the white race was created by god to not only bring civility to the world, but also through this blood line our lord and savior would be born in the flesh. yeshua christ, our lord.
    the battle between the blood line of satan, and blood line of gods chosen people (CHRISTIANS)………….rages on today…..this is why all the hate, and venom is poured out on our race……….this phony scamdemic is a real reach for these satan loving demons……….and believe it or not donald trump the orange man himself was put here by our god all mighty…..jew shill, deep state don…..nope……he has to play the grand chess match to avoid his demise…..he has a jew son inlaw who is a big israeli nationalist, but not a kenite…………i will send you to a site that explains this alot better than i can……THE REAL HISTORY CHANNEL (formally tomato…..mike king who is the man in charge really digs for the truth…….he with gods help opened my eyes…………also CHRa ISTOGENEA.ORG is a christian idenity web site……it also has all the truth you need to know about those evil natzis….great site,,,,,,,,,,,,,and finally for the christian who can not find bible truth being taught chapter by chapter, and verse by verse, SHEPHERDS CHAPEL, AND MARK13 RECORDS WILL HELP YOU SEE THAT YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TOO…….hope this helps….i .thank god for people like you with the courage to speak the truth…..may god protect, you and your family

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