The Best News Out Of Virus Planet For A While!!

Watch this:

Exactly where they belong.

The death of the cruise ship industry is without doubt one of the best things to come out of the coronavirus hoax. It fills my heart with joy to know that the types of people who like cruises will never be able to do so ever again!

You want to know why I have a specific hatred for these sorts of cruise ship people? It’s because they sum up absolutely everything that is wrong with society. They are usually fat, disgusting, selfish people who believe that life is just one big amusement park and they’re entitled to a ticket on every ride. None of these people care about anything other than their own gluttonous carcasses and they sure as hell don’t give a fuck what happens to their race of people and future generations. They effectively hate their own children in this respect. The whole cruise ship idea is the epitome of excess – a disgusting mass gathering of the financially fortunate splurging their excess wealth in the most pointless of ways. If you don’t know what I mean, then look up the pictures of the fat slobs crammed on board the decks of these ships (pictures will make you feel sick, that’s why I’m not posting them). Each ship is nothing but an oversized petri-dish of contagion.

Well, this shit had gone on long enough and thankfully it’s over now.

A big fuck you to the cruise ship industry & good riddance.

-ETP Admin.

3 thoughts on “The Best News Out Of Virus Planet For A While!!”

  1. “They are usually fat, disgusting, selfish people who believe that life is just one big amusement park and they’re entitled to a ticket on every ride.”

    Yep, fuckin’ spot on. Good riddance to bad rubbish indeed!

    1. Clean up your chitter chatter as such hateful language and profanity sounds like the verbiage used by a snotty and sassy little Jewish bastard prior to his Jewish network bestowing upon him his medical degree or law license that was awaiting the arrogant little bastard from the time his hateful and vain Jewish mother recieved the nauseating little bastard by way of his puffy-lipped and sleepy-eyed Jew daddy spitting his poisonous venom out the head of his tiny Jew prick. I have never been on a cruise nor have I ever had any desire to do so, but there is nothing wrong with our European kindred taking their children on a vacation once in a while. I came from a broken and dysfunctional home, yet I do not resent others of European stock taking vacations where they get to spend time with one another as a family. Adolf Hitler believed that this was a good thing and, in fact, cruises are one of the vacations offered to German families and the costs were built into the Reich’s budget. I like that man we know as Adolf Hitler and he would have encouraged you to get “happy” so that your lippers flippers might limit so many insulting expressions, hesitate expressing what sounds like fits of rage, and hopefully reduce your need “fuck” maybe just a wee bit more! You don’t want to sound like a backbiting little Jewish bastard that constantly uses put-downs, shaming, shit-stirring, and slander making your fellow Aryans’ wondering whether you might be a snotty little Jew, now do you? You have worked very, very hard on this excellent site and your elder European kindred think so much of you despite your outbursts where you perfectly mimic the Jew. Nonetheless, we can all use a little constructive criticism to help us act our best and that which Yahweh Christ will bless. Well, I for sure have benefited from the thoughtful advice given to me by my fellow Aryan. Thank you for your wonderful website and I pray that you are always wonderfully blessed. Sincerely, Hryhoriy Arsakadenko or just Greg.

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