Welcome To Reality On Coronaplanet!

Listen to what this bloke says ( Third time re-posting this video because the jews keep deleting it. That tells you he might be onto something, you more astute thinkers):

Watch this one before it gets deleted again (Twice and counting)….

And have a watch of these overloaded hospitals suffering from corona patients:

It all smells like a cover story if one was looking to collapse a global economy, create mass hysteria, and have people look the other way.

-ETP Admin.

2 thoughts on “Welcome To Reality On Coronaplanet!”

  1. Ha-ha I really am enjoying your site!! Great writing and keen insight. And Hitler too! You are the man. Keep it up I’ve got ya favorited and will be back when I need a grin! Man I’m so glad to realize there are other people that despise jews and ain’t buying into their corona-fear mongering. You have some great insight, wish I had a neighbor like you.
    Namaste friend,
    Leigh Anne

    1. Glad you are getting something out of what I write on here! When I get a bit of time I’ll be writing on here again… Keep seeking truth!

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