Welcome To Reality On Coronaplanet!

Listen to what this bloke says (Third time re-posting this video because the jews keep deleting it. That tells you he might be onto something, you more astute thinkers):

Watch this one before it gets deleted again (Twice and counting)….

And have a watch of these overloaded hospitals suffering from corona patients:

It all smells like a cover story if one was looking to collapse a global economy, create mass hysteria, and have people look the other way.

-ETP Admin.

3 thoughts on “Welcome To Reality On Coronaplanet!”

  1. Ha-ha I really am enjoying your site!! Great writing and keen insight. And Hitler too! You are the man. Keep it up I’ve got ya favorited and will be back when I need a grin! Man I’m so glad to realize there are other people that despise jews and ain’t buying into their corona-fear mongering. You have some great insight, wish I had a neighbor like you.
    Namaste friend,
    Leigh Anne

    1. Glad you are getting something out of what I write on here! When I get a bit of time I’ll be writing on here again… Keep seeking truth!

  2. Corona virus is the result of female hysteria combined with Jewish media power. If Hitler was in charge he would not cancel life like the Jews have done. I’m not afraid of Corona virus because I have a good stocky Nordic immune system, there’s no virus that can kill me. Only old people who are half dead anyway are dying because of this. Jews just want to scare people so they can microchip everyone and bring in the new world order. And they tear down statues of our great Confederate heroes while Trump does nothing, because some retard choked a nigger to death. Animal cruelty really that’s it how many blacks kill whites every year especially in South Africa.

    Another thing I find funny is that everyone is so concerned about corona virus and global warming because the media tells them what to think but nobody cares that Jewish bankers are stealing all the money and niggers are collapsing civilization. If you ask me its time to sterilize all the niggers and Hindus and Latinos. All they do is produce garbage and multiply into more ugly undesirable people. Arabs and Chinks and Japanese are okay as long as they know their place and stay in their own countries. Just my 2 cents.

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