ANZAC Day – 25/4/14






In memory of all the brave men who fought and died, believing that they were on the right side.

Lest we forget.

– BDL1983

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  1. I Agree, It’s sad and in a way quite shocking that our great countrymen were deceived into fighting a war which in return would lead to a complete take over of their country demographically and internally by alien influences, They thought they were fighting for a White Australia , I know if they had the ability to see the future , They would have never fought. But back then there was no internet and the majority of people will always be led.

    I know the veterans deep down inside would wonder what they fought for when they see their country overpopulated by asians , When the very reason they thought they were fighting for was to keep the Japanese out. So seeing people saying ‘They died for our freedom ‘ They died so we have what we have today’ I shake my head because infact if the National Socialists/Axis powers won, We would have a White Australia today There was no plan for the Japanese to take over Australia, They were engaged in a war and needed the islands for strategic reasons. See article
    ‘Japan never seriously intended to invade Australia, a fact known to the Australian Government by mid-1942 and confirmed by intelligence reports, principal historian to the Australian War Memorial, Peter Stanley, said yesterday at a conference examining the events of 1942.’

    ‘ Instead, the Japanese adopted a plan to isolate Australia, impeding communication between Australia and the United States by the occupation of islands to Australia’s north-east’

  2. God bless the diggers, young kids holding guns and facing an enemy (perceived) doing the same. Punks these days would shit their nappies on the spot! Bravery like this is but a distant memory for the European man. 1488 on this sombre day buddy.


    Watched earlier this james brown character on ABC ‘moral compass’.. He is ‘concerned’ about numerous things, as they always feign to be and has even written a book. Awwwww how nice is that !!!!!! to know that such con… cern for others exists.

    Ken Doolan has a facial look which suggest he is probably not a jew, and he appeared visibly uncomfortable during the discussion being surrounded by three suspicious looking characters offering a free set of steak knives… in the back of those already dead.

    WW1 and 2 were fought for the creation of this monstrosity known as ‘israel’. Gentile nations must be destroyed to make Israel greater and ‘mighty’.
    The jew is attempting to start a conversation amongst Australians with its multifaceted tongue that will see, as a jewish religious imperative, the memory of those ‘goyim’ who shed their blood for Israel expunged.
    ANZAC day is far too “White” and that is offensive to new Australians they’ll say….eventually, later in the ‘con’…….. versation…… as the population replacement accelerates.
    But that is what jews do after all isn’t it. ? They’re always concerned about ‘hurt feelings’ and the like.
    A con Artist is always your best friend. Eventually Europeans might get the fact that jews don’t lie to you because they like you..they fucking well hate your guts…..even before you were born. The religion constitutes concentrated and codified hatred, and we’re talking about a visceral hatred so entrenched that is probably incomprehensible to others, and it emanates from the black beating heart of their dead ‘religious’ ideal known as ‘judaism’..
    Judaism demands the extermination of all others not born ‘jew’……

    READ IT…… despite the fact that the jew offers the death penalty for that to.

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