Full Force Gale!


Christian or non-Christian, there is a “Higher Creative Force” in the universe, a godhead of creation as such.¬†Atheism is Jewish. Listen to this song and be humble when viewing yourself in the greater scheme of things. You are only a small link in Nature’s great mysterious plan!

– BDL1983

4 thoughts on “Full Force Gale!”

  1. Agree, There is a Higher Force, Theres no way all this stuff is just random, Everything is WAY to amazing. The jews do promote atheism and thats why there is so many atheists today, They say we came from monkeys, But where did the monkeys come from? And even if we did come from monkeys that still doesnt disprove that there is a higher force. The earth is nothing in the midst of the entire universe , We are but a spec, Actually we are nothing because it most likely is infinite. So therefore how do athiests explain the universe and how the planets work? They sit back and claim God isnt real because we came from monkeys, That makes no sense at all.

  2. We have a full force Gael in the Irish Savant……. Rarely does that particular Gael censor……censor ship being a reflexive yet inverted ‘virtue’ of the Kike to things that reveal truths likely to diminish the illusion of what constitutes the ” jew” in a public mind that has become a collective jewish toilet and colostomy bag.

    Another ‘edgy’ European Mantra ……. Bonk yr Bitch fr Babies…. or .. Shag yr S. t. fr Sons……

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