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Let’s get something straight here to start with: I am no expert in the field of media fakery or Psyops. The point of writing this piece is to put out a few open questions and general commentary on the whole issue.

After listening to Buy Alprazolam Cheap on the media fakery/Psyop topic, I’ve come up with a few points which need to be raised.

If no planes flew into the Twin Towers on 9-11, and pretty much the whole event were faked, then why would the following have happened?

  • Jews controlled all the airport security. ICTS International, an Israeli company ran all three airports where the alleged hijackings occurred. Most ICTS employees were probably Mossad (foreign) agents, and therefore immune to lawsuits according to the Patriot Act. We know the Jews control the US government, so why would they bother ensuring legal immunity for an Israeli security company if there was nothing for ICTS to hide in the first place, i.e. No planes involved in the 9-11 plot?
  • The Gomel Chesed Cemetery Incident. In this event, a retired IDF officer overheard a couple of Jews speaking in Hebrew. At the end of their otherwise normal conversation, one man said, “The Americans will learn what it is to live with terrorists after the planes hit the twins in September.”
  • Odigo Instant Messaging. Israelis were forewarned 2 hours before the attacks took place. If there were no victims and they were all made up, then why would the Israelis (of all people) be concerned that their citizens would be killed, especially considering that the Jews were running the whole operation? Jews forewarned, and not the Goyim. Sounds about right.
  • Everyone who worked in the Twin Towers must have been told to stay away that day. That is, if there were no victims of course. Once again, no need for Odigo to warn the Israelis who would have already known, just like everyone else working there. This means everyone working there was in on the hoax, and now they are all just keeping quiet.
  • Goldman Sachs forewarning on September 10th. Tokyo branches warned employees to stay away from Twin Towers. Once again, Jews being warned to stay away. ‘Just let the Goy go to work on the 11th’, Oy Vey!
  • National Security systems were running on P-Tech, with Jew Michael S. Goff as marketing manager. P-Techs software was responsible for sending Jets in the event of Hijackings etc. Why bother having this Jew in a position of power over vital system software if no planes were going to be used? (He was a lawyer and made a sudden ‘sayanim-style’ shift over to P-Tech to do his bit for the Jewish cause)
  • Dov Zakheim ran Systems Planning Corporation which specialised in remote control technology for planes (of all things). Undersecretary of Defence at the time, and a big-shot at the Pentagon, this is all too convenient for someone looking to hijack a plane or two and steer them into a couple of towers!
  • Ken Feinberg ran a victims compensation fund of $7 billion. 97% of victims’ families took the money and waived their right to demand a real investigation into 9-11. Why bother with a compensation fund if there were no real victims?

That is a basic summary of the essential points in Buy Ambien Online Next Day Delivery which shows how planes and victims seem to be a pretty obvious part of the plot. (I used ZCF’s written summary of Mike Delaney’s work, in case you can’t tell. ZCF will hate me for it, haha!)

To put it simply, if you believe in the ‘No Planes Theory’ and that there were no victims on 9-11, then did anything happen at all? Did any crime take place? What you are left with is nothing more than a bunch of Jews demolishing two empty buildings. If this scenario is true, then the Jews are guilty of nothing more than an extremely well executed deception. No crime at all. This is why I believe they promote these theories in the alternative media. It acquits the Jews of any criminal activity!

Another thing to note with documentaries like Buy Alprazolam 2Mg Uk, is that they use video footage to ‘prove’ that the ‘planes hitting the towers’ story is fake. Ok, so you readily acknowledge how easy it is to make fake video footage for a staged event (just like a movie), but on the other hand you put your trust and belief in the makers of a documentary, such as September Clues. How do you know that they are not tampering with any of the video footage which they claim is original? When the argument boils down to video versus video, you are taking the word of whoever it is that’s telling you that the video in question is authentic. It just depends on whether you think the planes hitting the towers is real or fake. If it is real, then the Jews are guilty of committing a great crime, and deserved to be condemned and preferably hung as well. If it is fake, then the Jews are innocent, and deserve nothing more than a smack on the bum for playing naughty tricks on the Goy!

I can’t absolutely say for sure either way, but my gut feeling is that the event was real, the planes hit the towers, and there were a fair few victims. Maybe they played with the numbers a bit, that wouldn’t surprise me, especially focusing on raising the number of Israelis killed to divert attention from their prior knowledge.

However, with much smaller case scenarios like the Sandy Hook shooting, I think it is entirely possible that they could have faked the whole thing. These school shootings, and the like, do smell very fishy when you do any investigating. But, like I say, I’m not an expert on these Psyops and media fakery. This article is just my two cents of thought on the subject. Nothing more, nothing less. Take it for what it’s worth.

I’d just like to say in closing that this is in no way an attack on Buy Valium Australia, who I consider a good man and a friend. I just see these ‘media fakery’ and 9-11 ‘no plane theories’ as a way for the Jews to get the believer to dismiss the evidence which condemns criminal Jewry.  In the case of 9-11, if you believe there were no planes and no victims, then no crime took place, and the one documentary (Buy Zolpidem Tartrate Online Uk) proving who did it, becomes worthless and void. (I’ve become more convinced of this fact since I began writing this article)

Buy Valium Cheap Online Uk

John Friend has done some great work Generic Ambien Looks Like of many important events, and I agree with him, up to a point. I don’t deny that Psyops are real. I just think that the Jews have ways of taking real things, such as psychological operations and media fakery, and twisting them way too far into the realms of hocus-pocus and bizarre mumbo-jumbo.

Make up your own mind.

– BDL1983