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One thought on “Obama: U.S. Needs More Taxpayers; Calls for Fewer Babies But ‘More Immigrants’”

  1. Race Replacement in the United States.

    Barack Obama, half negro half jew, calls it ‘contraceptive care’. What it is is murder of the Nordic Race in America.

    In this article, where he calls for more abortions, and more immigration at the same time; he can even get women to support this, by saying:
    “when it comes to a woman’s health, no politician should get to decide what’s best for you,

    No insurer should get to decide what kind of care that you get.”

    Complex brainwashing mechanisms to put women against everyone (but the jew)

    Between 1973 and 2008, that’s 35 years, there were 50 million infanticides. 50 million murder of the unborn. Now I don’t know how many of them were Nordic but let’s assume many of them were, say 30 million. That’s 30million Americans unborn over 35 years + another 15 million births that never occurred in 2nd generation so far. That’s a conservative estimate for only the first half of of the 30 million who are already at child rearing age and only if they had two children each. If they married and had 10 children each like a healthy family with no contraception (Jewish) by the time that now non-existent generation had had their offspring you would have 30 million + 150 million unborn Americans MURDERED by Jewish media and policies. The extermination and population replacement by inferiors.

    I think that everybody should share or improve these statistics they are extremely valuable in our hatred against the enemy!

    Thats I think the lowest possible estimate, its probably more. We know that negroes get abortions too but we know that alot of these would be ‘do it yourself’ coathanger jobs, they might count for a few million out of the 50 and we know that Nordics would be the largest number because they are the most brainwashed and our women have been monopolised against the man. I think 30million is the lowest it could be.

    The numbers would be higher also if you included all the ‘White Races’ in America, even after you excluded the regressive weak ones. According to Metapeida there has been over 1 billion murders worldwide in the Abortion Holocaust Buy Ambien Sleeping Tablets

    Jews were big preachers of abortion throughout Weimar Germany too.

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