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2 thoughts on “More Fake Holohoax Stories… Yawn…”

  1. ‘extreme bravery and resourcefulness’ haha brave jew hahaha.

    This is my favourite bit: ‘A young girl came up to him, crying for help, but there was little that Corry could do. A rabbi then approached and kissed the back of Corry’s hand, mumbling what Corry could only assume was a prayer.’

    Hhaha oh yehh the old fable of the devout and noble rabbi. Get fucked. They are mainly all paedophiles and political trainers. No religion or spiritiality involved

  2. ‘Dorot Professor of Modern Jewish and Holocaust Studies at Emory University in Atlanta’

    I also like the qualifications they make up for themselves. Hahaa if you really were one you would know its a big lie, so they could take over the world, remain the only pure race and mix everyone.

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