NS Germany vs Todays West

Can’t remember when I first saw this one but it deserves reinforcing! Images on the left sum up our wonderful Jewish culture……….. fucking hell, we have degenerated just slightly as a race eh!! puke


Cheers to whoever put this one together!


6 thoughts on “NS Germany vs Todays West”

  1. Incredible! Wondering if you have read the book “Through Innocent Eyes – The Chosen Girls of the Hitler Youth.”

    1. Nah I haven’t read that one….. Currently reading GLR’s book White Power! Sounds interesting though.. Gonna have a read though your website when get the time

  2. it’s sickening indeed. we live in a society where teen pregnancy is glorified, child murder is legal (a.k.a. abortion), and patriotism is considered evil. What the hell happened?

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