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5 thoughts on “What Happened To The 12 Tribes Of Israel?”

  1. Brett, I reckon a humorous section would be a nice addition to the site. Something to laugh at amidst all the doom and gloom brought to us by our favourite hebrew vermin, and to get the ball rolling I nominate “Rat face yid of the week” or “Hooknosed demon of the week” as humorous subjects. And here’s my nomination for this week, right here from down under!!!
    WARNING- Possible puke material, view on empty stomach…
    Zolpidem Buy Now

    1. Hmmmmm… I’ll consider that proposal there! I know what you mean when you say ‘Hebrew vermin’, but on this post man – it’s “Edomite vermin”!! The rats aren’t Hebrews…..
      Fuckin’ Hell, that is a hideous hook-nosed Jew in that link!!!! Yuck

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