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12 thoughts on “The Sick World We Live In”

    1. I remember that one man, now that you remind me! Couldn’t agree more! It’s kinda weird that they were bangin’ on about exactly the same topic 6 months ago because the article I used is only a couple days old… apparently… 14/88

    2. Hello I saw the article you referred to and your right it is the same article. The Daily Mail does run an Anti Hitler article once a week so maybe they ran out of articles last week and had run it again.
      Glad someone was paying attention.

  1. Only 135 Reichmarks equal 500£? And a pound is 1.5 times the dollar! Not only that, the world economy has cost the US dollar so much purchasing power, the dollar in 2013 is worth only 1.3¢ of a dollar from 1933! So do the math on that!

    1. Isn’t Jew inflation a wonderful thing? So, if you earned a dollar in 1933 then effectively 98.7 cents have been sucked away from you and into the Jews account through loss of purchasing power!!! Cunning bastard Jew system, but if everyone plays ball with them then they win I guess…..

      1. Revive the final solution!

        500£ (1£) is currently equal to $837 ($1.67 4/10) on average. They’ve mostly stayed equivalent and have only changed through the same world inflation. Divide $837 by 135 marks and you have exactly 6.2. ($1 buys 21 mg of gold in 2013 whereas in 1933, it bought 1500 mg. There are 31,103.5 in an international troy ounce of gold.) And 6.2 x 98.6% (the percentage of gold which the dollar has lost in just 80 years) = …

        In 2014, it roughly takes $611 1/3 USD to equal a single Reichsmark from 1935. Even a two-week check on minimum wage can’t exceed $510 without lots of overtime! And the value of Hitler’s money didn’t even top out until the 1940s! Chew on that!

  2. We are living in the “Matrix” comrades, time to force feed the sheep some RED pills!!

  3. Fantastic article Brett!!
    It was a real pleasure talking to you too. I cannot remember the last time I had A REAL conversation with such an intelligent, knowledgeable person.
    Your passion for the truth and the survival of our race is commendable.
    Thank you for the time and effort you put in to this site and the time you have given to me and my many questions.

    You portrayed perfectly the world we are living in, with your comments on those articles.

    When did it become acceptable or the norm to celebrate a man in a dress or a mask!!
    Then the first article tries to say that it is somehow unacceptable to “keep your body pure and hope for as many (white) babies as possible”.
    Those Nazis must have been so sinister to want women to be fit and healthy and be taught how to take care of her home and family.

    We are moving so far from what is good and wholesome in todays society it scares me.
    But then I know there are still some decent people out there, like you Brett and the readers of this site, that I can have hope for our future survival.


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