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3 thoughts on “OUR SPORTING CULTURE………..”

  1. Good post man, I totally agree. I was a MAJOR sports fanatic in high school and college. I was a big time athlete in high school (American football and baseball), and could have played at the collegiate level but was just plain burned out. I have basically stopped watching and following sports in the past year or so though… which is good! There are plenty of other things going on, and certainly much more productive things to do!

    The propaganda embedded in professional sports is absurd, especially in America man. The National Anthem (written by a Marxist Jew if I’m not mistaken), military worship, Black/non-White worship, praising the political/”entertainment” establishment, etc. It’s all propaganda really, it’s all a staged production designed to advance the psychological tyranny unfolding in all of our (formerly) White nations.

    We should do a show about this, would you be a guest on my program in the future?

  2. Nothing more disgusting than when you hear gorgeous white girls howl lustfully at the niggers that play in the AFL! At school it was such as this, fucking bestiality! Sports can be propaganda for marxism in Australia, as it is today with each clubs ‘Multicultural task force’, i know Collingwood have this. However sports can be used for us Nationalist/Fascist/Patriotic folk in the same fashion, as it kind of is in Europe with soccer there!

    1. There’s certainly alot of work to be done fixing the AFL! Like I said in the article, I honestly reckon we’ll have “come-out round” in a couple years or so!

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