A Few Definitions…..

Affirmative action – Blacks stealing our jobs.

Anti-Semitism – The belief by gentiles that Jews may be criticized like any other group.

Civil rights – Untermenschen have more rights than Übermenschen in the New World Order.

Diversified workforce – Much fewer white males are to be hired or promoted.

Disadvantaged – Unqualified and can’t speak English or French, so give them money.

Equal treatment and opportunity – Fewer opportunities for white people.

Historic grievances – Bad white people ended slavery, human sacrifice throughout the American subcontinent and cannibalism in tribal societies.

Human Rights Commissions – Inquisitions denying free speech. Thought Police that enforces liberal political doctrine.

Immigration – Race replacement. Genocidal levels of immigration. Massive invasion by foreigners and their cultures, New World Order.

Interracial relationship – White women having non-white babies. Also called racial engineering or soft genocide of white people.

Misogynist – Anyone who disagrees with the racially suicidal empowerment of feminists.

Multicultural enhancement – Destroy all European cultures.

Politically correct – Fines and/or jail for anybody not liberal and following the New World Order.

Respect and tolerance – Surrender.

Woman’s choice – Abortion and genocide of millions of white babies.

SOURCE: http://chechar.wordpress.com/the-word-racism/