We All Know What These Jews Want…….

From Australian Jew News:


SHADOW attorney-general Mark Dreyfus (JEW pictured above) has lashed out at the country’s top lawmaker George Brandis, describing as “extraordinary” a proposal to make inciting racial hatred a criminal offence as a proxy for Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, which the government appears set to water down.

Dreyfus told The AJN Brandis’ proposal to tweak Section 80.2A of the Commonwealth Criminal Code was recognition of the gaping hole a repeal of 18C – which outlaws speech or actions “reasonably likely … to offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate because of race, colour or national or ethnic origin” – would create, and accused his opposite number of failing to understand the distinction between civil protection and criminal offence.

“Criminal law is the strongest form of legal sanction we have as a society, and it’s extraordinary that Senator Brandis would express concerns about the effect of Section 18C on ‘free speech’ and ‘liberty’, only to mark out some of the conduct regulated by Section 18C as a new federal crime,” Dreyfus said.

“It appears that Senator Brandis doesn’t understand the distinction between civil protections and criminal offences. If he did he would not be suggesting that expanding the Criminal Code could be a substitute for Section 18C.”

In its current form, 80.2A outlaws violence against groups “distinguished by race, religion, nationality, national or ethnic origin or political opinion”, but not racial vilification, with Brandis describing the section as “probably too narrowly drawn”.

He told The AJN there were no plans to repeal 18C, only “that language which constitutes an unreasonable limitation on freedom of speech”.

“I have been very careful in my language because I am, of course, intensely conscious of the sensitivities of this issue. It is a shame that Mr Dreyfus has not been equally careful in his,” Brandis said.

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Yes indeed, we all know what these Jews want – us to shut-up and do nothing out of fear of criminal prosecution for ‘racial vilification’, whether it be under Section 18C or a new twist of the Commonweath Criminal Code! It makes no difference what legal mumbo-jumbo they cloak this bullshit in! I hate it when a Jew like Dreyfus pretends to be horrified when we know perfectly well that it is the Jews behind all this ‘racial vilification’ crap anyway. Why would they care if it was upgraded to a criminal offence as opposed to civil? Love for the Goyim?

Get outta here with that crap you lying Kikes!

– BDL1983

6 thoughts on “We All Know What These Jews Want…….”

  1. Although he would deny it…. Dreyfus is unlawfully and corruptly attempting to use the Australian legislature to have Australians participate in his religion by force of law and without recourse to appeal. The first stage of this is the attempt to silence dissent, and render unlawful honest forensic inquiry into the event known as the ‘holocaust’ replete with its numerology derived of jew kabballah, translated literally to Cube God and the number 42.

    Image search Kaaba………..

    It would be a spectacle indeed to have Dreyfus debate live on the ABC a panel of holllercost historians and Goyische esotericists and occultists as to why he might refrain from imposing his religious delusion of ‘Chosenness” on others………

    He might also discuss the role that the “goyim’ play in the religion of the jews, and whether jewish law is universal in its application and consistent with the princples known in law as “natural justice’….

    We would soon discover in the context of the tolerant and courageously caring public face presented to Australians that like most of his kind, Dreyfus is a fraud.

  2. This stinking kike was installed just in time to make the “Ben Zygier” story disappear, and was sworn in with a fucking jew book also. If you remember, Zygier was the son of a “well known jewish family” (son of a donkey more likely) that was running around the world for mossad knocking people off using Aussie passports under multiple identities. He is a traitor and infiltrator at the highest level who works for mossad himself and betrays this country on an hourly basis!! I nominate this rat faced monster kike as first in line on the day of the rope!! And to top it all off he’s in the kike news feigning outrage over “racial vilification”!!!! A lying cunt of the highest order!! 1488-SIEG HEIL

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