The Seed Of Satan In “Human” Form…..

Now, if anyone has any questions of whether the Jews are actually a “Satanic Race”, then just look at how ugly these Jews are; especially the one on the left……. The picture says it all:

These Kikes are not human...
These Kikes are not human…

How anyone could possibly be this ugly is beyond me…. It is truly horrifying to look at these “people”!

– BDL1983

8 thoughts on “The Seed Of Satan In “Human” Form…..”

  1. You really should include a warning like-“Graphic material-will cause you to be violently ill !” with pictures like these man. F@*K ME !!…that is certainly not human, fucking cockroach species! 1488/SIEG HEIL!!

    1. Yeah, I was a bit pissed when I posted that picture… Upon looking at that pic again I nearly fuckin threw up! Sorry for polluting your eyes man!!!! Hahaha

    1. Dear Sara,
      You sure found some ugly faces there! I just finished looking at your post……
      Don’t worry, I love you too sweets XOXO! You’re my favourite Jew in the whole world, but shhhhhhh…. don’t tell anyone though, or my covers gone!!!
      Yours sincerely,
      Big Evil Nasty Jew Hater Brett!

      1. Aww thanks! I thought you would like Mr. Howard since he’s of German, English, Scottish, and Welsh ancestry and that’s all your favorites!

        Yours Sincerely,
        That girl who controls all of the media via her laptop

        1. I knew it was you controlling the media from your Kosher laptop! Hahhaa!!!
          Watch a few of those Pogues film clips I’ve got at the top of the site – they’re fucking great songs… I only just got back from the pub and I knew you’d be waiting for my response!
          Mind you though, there are plenty of ‘uglys’ from all races. I’ll be the first to attest to that! Mmmmm beer!

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