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National Socialist eagle of inspiration!

We truly do live in the most exciting of times. Our White race has never before faced such an enormous challenge in all its history; a fight for our very survival! Being 100% ‘against-the-wall’ and knowing that we must either fight and win……. or be exterminated….

Those are our choices. Win or DIE……. Choose!

For true inspiration we should look to the last days of WW2 when National Socialist Germany under Adolf Hitler threw literally everything at the enemies of our race. They fought until there were virtually no reserves left. It was a fight until the very end; the last drop of blood. They knew that the fight against the Jew-controlled enemy was one that meant death and terror for Germany should they lose. They knew. That’s why they fought like they did.

Now we are a fragmented race under attack in all our homelands throughout the world. We have the same enemy (the Jew) and an even bigger challenge. Subjugation and humiliation were the penalties Germany suffered after losing WW2, along with plenty of death. This time our race is going to have to win on a global scale. If we don’t win this fight, then our mighty White Race WILL DIE! There will be no more chances.

World War 2 and Hitler’s Germany showed us the correct way. NOW WE MUST STAND AND FIGHT!!




– BDL1983

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Where Can I Buy Zolpidem Tartrate

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This is all that needs to be said to any Alex Jones follower:

Order Xanax Eu

Look at what these filthy Jews have to say:

Cheap Xanax Pill Press

Here’s the video of Barb saying the above (ugly old whore):


Buy Phentermine For Cheap

This sums it up:

Buy Roche Valium Uk

I found a few of these in my random internet travels and others at Generic Ambien Cost At Walmart. They’re funny and true, except for the Barbara Spectre one and the Rabbi Baruch Efrati one…. They aren’t funny. They will make your blood boil!

In the same bundle of Jewish destroyers we can also add Jewess Anetta Kahane:


They are so ugly.

– BDL1983

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Buy Alprazolam 2Mg Online India
The mindset the Jews want us all to adopt…..

The thing that sickens our people more than anything else is the all-pervasive attitude of Jewish materialism. In the modern western world it is everywhere. It is to the point where it almost ‘oozes’ out of people. You can feel it everywhere around you. You know that at least 95% of people think and act in a purely materialistic manner with hardly a care in the world for any other facet of life. It’s quite amazing how things have gotten to how they are. In fact, it is a direct reflection of how dominant the ‘Jewish spirit’ has become amongst us. Materialism and selfishness are completely Jewish in spirit. The Jewish soul is completely absent of any sense of doing a hard day’s work, sacrificing for others, or any decency in general. It is all ‘dog-eat-dog’, get money no matter who you screw over, don’t worry about earning it; just get it and accumulate as many material possessions as you can! The luckier you are, the more power and status your money will buy you, considering this is the basis the rest of society operates on. If money and materialism didn’t rule, then people with the ‘Jewish materialistic spirit’ would never be allowed to attain positions of power. Society would be more of a ‘meritocracy’ where it would be very difficult to ‘buy-off’ the hierarchy. We would not be in the mess that we are in.

Buy Valium In Cambodia
The almighty…..

What sort of example should we set? How should we set it? What should we do in our everyday lives to get rid of the cancerous Jewish spirit of materialism?

For a start, we need to get rid of the idea that somehow ‘white collar’ work is superior to ‘blue collar’. This idea has been implanted by the Jews who don’t do any real work except for ‘white-collar’ crime. Nothing annoys me more than this pathetic attitude pedalled by soft weak ‘nancy-boys’ who prance around in suits and coats using ‘high-sounding’ intellectual words to justify their own uselessness to society. Needn’t think I’m suggesting a communistic attitude of complete disrespect for all management; I’m not. What I’m saying is that ‘white collar’ or those ‘steering the ship’ need to be worthy of their positions and capable of doing so. The same applies with the working class. A useless worker who does a sub-standard job should never be respected or tolerated either. A certain great German leader once said that the man doing physical work (properly) and ‘getting his hands dirty’ for his people is never a disgrace and is in fact undertaking one of the noblest tasks of man. This attitude and spirit is exactly what our modern western society sorely lacks; a will to physically get out there in the world and do things to uplift and better our race.

Buy Xanax 1Mg Uk
This is how we fight. You, too, must work for victory.

Most people reading this already know that Hitler was right (about everything); but this issue of attitude and spirit is often overlooked and everyone seems to go back to cursing the Jews and never taking a look at how they conduct their own lives. It is natural to simply blame those who are guilty of causing all the problems we have (the Jews) and never look inward at how we have allowed things to degenerate to the point they have. It takes ‘two-to-tango’ and we would never have gotten ourselves into this mess if we understood the fact that they are using their strength of exploiting and destroying others, against our weakness, which is the appeal of the ‘comfortable easy life’ that inevitably leads to stagnation and slow decline. Without our willing (and stupid) cooperation they would never have had a chance!

In order to combat and rid ourselves of Jewish materialism we must simply do the opposite! This involves analysing our own personal behaviour and identifying everything ‘Jewy’; then doing our best to purge it. No-one is perfect and we all have some vices, myself included. That is part of being human. The key point is that our lives should not revolve around seeking the next pointless thrill, if you know what I mean.

So what are the ‘Jewy’ materialistic things we should all look to rid ourselves of?

Cheap Generic Soma
A Jew indulging himself!

First of all: Debt! In the mad scramble to acquire everything all at once, most people fall into this trap laid by the Jew. It’s an extremely powerful weapon in the Jewish arsenal and it is their fraudulent method of getting us into a situation where we owe them. According to their rules, we should also pay extra for the privilege of them crediting our bank accounts; otherwise called Interest. They never have but a fraction of the money in reserves which they loan out; therefore most of it must come from thin air and then we are supposed to pay them back more money than they created in the first place. What? This is pure madness and the main part of the Jewish ‘Ponzi scheme’ power structure. If we never ‘played ball’ with this Jew money scheme to start with, it would never have worked in the first place! We should avoid debt unless we are seriously ‘up-against-the-wall’ and there is no other option.

Second: ‘Jewy’ work. What sort of work are we doing? If it is something useful and consistent with the ideals and character of the white race then that’s great! This generally means working in a productive sector of society like manufacturing or agriculture, or alternatively in providing essential services. I know how unappealing the Jews have made manufacturing and agricultural jobs for white people, but we must find a way back to doing real work somehow. It is difficult to make a living from working in these areas but it’s a lot better than turning up to some useless parasitic Jewish insurance company or bank dressed like a pencil-necked dork everyday! My plan is to manage my own agricultural business one day in the not-too-distant future. It’s useful productive work and not parasitic like ‘Jewy’ slave occupations. Doing real hard work not only gives you that feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction, but is the only way our race is ever going to move forward politically; so we had better get used to putting in effort to accomplish things! Real work will toughen us up as individuals for the fight ahead!

Buy Xanax Saudi Arabia

Buy Xanax Agora
Pointless spending will leave you miserable!

When your debt and work situations are under control, you can then focus on correcting other issues such as cutting out pointless spending on things you don’t need! (Pointless spending is the number one source of more debt, and so the thing just keeps going around in circles.) This all comes back to good old fashioned common sense. Spend some money to acquire what you need in life but don’t go nuts. Put aside a few dollars for whatever else you’re interested in and enjoy your life too! The Jews are always annoyed to see Goyim enjoying themselves!

This brings me to an important point regarding entertainment. I said above that life should not revolve around seeking the next pointless thrill. That statement stands correct; it shouldn’t, but that is not to say that you should never relax, have a couple beers, and ‘let-your-hair-down’. If I had to live my life with no ‘down-time’ and never allow myself to be ‘entertained’, I would have gone mad years ago! The point here is that doing things deemed non-constructive, or enjoying some form of entertainment, does not make you a Jew (unless we are talking about Hollywood movies which I hate). In fact, sitting at home being a miserable little ‘cashed-up, boring, dead-beat, goodie-two-shoes’, is by definition what a Jew would do because he’d save a few shekels that way! Actually a Jew would probably be busy devising a scheme to rob someone whilst sitting at home; so he wouldn’t be miserable, he’d probably be quite content!

Buy Ambien Sj Cheap

Another aspect of life which should be focused on is getting into physical shape. Always remember that the SS and Wehrmacht did not consist of a bunch of dishevelled fat slobs. They were healthy, strong, and ready to fight! Getting rid of the flab and replacing it with muscle means less time for pointless material gluttony and more time spent improving and nurturing what nature gave you physically: a healthy and potentially strong white body to live in!

To me, being white means being strong, working hard, having a few beers, a sense of humour and rejecting the materialistic Jewish mindset which destroys everything our racial soul consists of.

– Brett

Also posted here:

Buy Msj Valium Pill

Buy Diazepam 10Mg Teva

Buy Phentermine Capsules Online

Buy Xanax Aus

I love this accurate description of how the “press” controls most peoples minds. From Buy Diazepam Online Eu, Volume 1 – An Accounting, Chapter 10 – Causes of the Collapse:

………………………………………………………………….. leads in Page 155:

One of the worst signs of this corruption was the growing cowardice. No one wanted to face responsibility for anything and the resulting weakness and indifference in dealing with the problems that resulted only accelerated the downfall.

The source of this epidemic is primarily in the parliamentary institution, where irresponsibility is positively cultivated and nurtured. Unfortunately, the disease slowly spreads to all life outside the Monarchy, especially to governmental life. Everywhere, people started to dodge responsibility. To avoid any responsibility, they resorted to insufficient, ineffective, halfway measures that reduced their personal responsibility to a minimum.

We only have to consider the attitude of the individual governments toward a series of damaging occurrences in our public life, and we will easily recognize the dreadful impact of this universal half-heartedness and fear of responsibility.

I will cite only a few cases from the enormous number of examples known to me: Journalistic circles are particularly fond of describing the press as a “great power” in the State. Indeed, its importance is truly enormous. It simply cannot be overestimated. It continues the education of adults which is important.

Readers can be divided into three groups: Those who believe everything they read; those who no longer believe anything they read; and those minds which critically examine what they read and then form their own judgments about the accuracy of the information.

The first group who believes everything they read is the largest and strongest because they are composed of the broad masses of the population.

These great masses of the people represent the most simple-minded part of the nation. It cannot, however, be divided by occupation, only by general degrees of intelligence. This group includes those who have not been born with the gift of, or trained for independent thinking and who believe anything which is printed in black and white. This is partly because of inability and partly through incompetence. This group also encompasses a class of lazy people who could think for themselves, but who gratefully accept anything someone else has already put any thinking-effort into on the humble assumption that he worked hard for his opinion so it must be right. All these groups represent the great mass of the people and the influence of the press on them will be enormous. Since they are unable or unwilling to weigh what is offered to them and evaluate it for themselves, their approach to every daily problem is totally determined by how they are influenced by others. This may be an advantage if their understanding is fed by serious and truth-loving persons, but it will be disastrous if they are led by scoundrels and liars.

In number, the second group who does not believe anything they read is considerably smaller. It is partially made up of those who once belonged to the first group of total-believers. Then, after continued disappointments, they have switched to the opposite extreme and now believe nothing in print. They hate all newspapers and either do not read them at all, or fly into a rage over the contents which they believe to be nothing but lies and deceptions. These people are very hard to deal with because they will always be suspicious, even of the truth. They are useless when it comes to accomplishing any positive work.

The third group who reads and evaluates for themselves is by far the smallest. It consists of those really fine minds, which have been educated and through training or maybe are naturally capable of independent thinking. They try to form their own judgments on everything and they subject everything they read to a repeated, thorough scrutiny and further develop the implications and meaning for themselves. They never look at a newspaper without mentally taking part in the writing and then Mr. Writer’s task is no easy one. Journalists have a reserved, perhaps limited appreciation for such readers.

To the members of this third group, the nonsense which a newspaper may choose to scribble is not dangerous or even significant. They have usually become accustomed in the course of a lifetime to regard every journalist as a rogue who happens to sometimes tell the truth. Unfortunately, the importance of these splendid figures is only in their intelligence and not in their number. There are too few of them to have a significant impact. It is unfortunate that during this age wisdom means nothing and majority means everything! Today, when the voting ballots of the masses are final, the deciding factor is the highest number——that is the largest group and this is the first group I discussed. This is the crowd of the simple-minded or most gullible citizens.

The State has a prime interest in preventing these people from falling into the hands of bad, ignorant, or evil-intentioned gurus. It is, therefore, the State’s duty to supervise their education and prevent any mischief from being performed. In doing so, the State must keep a particularly sharp eye on the press. The press’ influence on such people is by far the strongest and most penetrating because it is exerted continuously and not just momentarily. It is the continuous, consistent repetition of this educational instruction that makes it enormously important. The State must also remember that all means must point towards the same end. It must not be misled by chatter about so-called “freedom of the press” into neglecting its duty. The State must never deprive or allow others to deprive the nation of the nourishment it needs and can thrive on—the nourishment that is good and can accomplish good. The State must use ruthless determination to keep control of this instrument of popular education and make certain it is placed in the service of the State and the Nation.

What was it that the German press fed people before the war? Wasn’t it the most virulent poison imaginable? Wasn’t the heart of our people injected with acute pacifism at a time when the rest of the world was preparing slowly but surely to pounce on Germany? Even in peace time, didn’t the German press fill the minds of the people with doubts about the just cause of its own State which reduced the choice of weapons the State could select for defense from the very beginning? Wasn’t it the German press which succeeded in offering the nonsense of “Western Democracy” in an appetizing way to our people, until at last, captured by all the enthusiastic fluff, the people believed it could entrust its future to a League of Nations? (The League of Nations resulted from the Treaty of Versailles after the First World War and was meant to maintain peace.) Didn’t it help bring a state of moral degradation upon our people? Didn’t it portray morality and decency as ridiculous, calling them old-fashioned and narrow-minded, until at last our people renounced them to become “modern?” Didn’t the continuous assault by the press undermine the foundations of government authority until one push was enough to collapse the institution? Didn’t the press oppose at every turn the movement to give to the State that authority which is the State’s, and degrade the army by constant criticism, sabotage the universal military draft, and urge the refusal of military funding increases until eventually the campaign of the press was assured to be a success? The liberal press’ activity dug the grave of the German people and the German Empire. This does not even include the small Marxist lie-sheets which were handed out. They cannot live without lying any more than a cat can live without catching mice. Their primary goal is to break the national backbone of the people in order to prepare it for the burden of international financiers and their master, the Jew.

What did the State do against this mass poisoning of the nation? Nothing, nothing at all. A few ridiculous rules, a few sentences about not being too violent, not being too evil, and that was all. They took no serious action because they hoped to win the favor of this pest by flattery, by recognizing the “value” of the press, its “importance”, its “educational mission”, and other such nonsense. All of this the Jews accepted with a sly smile, giving devious thanks in return.

Continues Page 158……………………………………………………………………………………

Hitler certainly was right!!!!

Buy Diazepam Prescription Free

– BDL1983

Buy Ambien Canada Pharmacy



Today marks 20 years since Ian Stuart Donaldson was killed in a car crash.

350Mg Soma Medicine & Buy Alprazolam Powder China.

This man stood up for his race and never backed down. He got the message through to thousands of people with Cheap Xanax Online Pharmacy‘ positive pro-white message.





For more Skrewdriver videos click Soma 350 Mg Street Value (AINASKINS Youtube channel)…. & Order Carisoprodol Overnight….

R.I.P. Ian.

– BDL1983

Buy Valium Scotland

White women are being raped and terrorised throughout Europe by Blacks and Arabs as a result of Jewish-led Communist ‘Multikulti’ policies and we are supposed to sit here, watch our Race be destroyed, AND feel sorry for some scumbag Antifa Rapper who probably deserved to be stabbed anyway!!!!……….

What?…… Fuck that!


Buy Xanax Sleeping Pills

………. and not because a party member allegedly stabbed this Antifa arsehole to death, but because the Golden Dawn stands for what is right!

From: Buy Ambien Sleeping Pills Online

Thousands of people took to the streets in dozens of cities across Buy Diazepam Tablets Uk yesterday evening, in protest at the fatal stabbing the previous night of a well-known anti-fascist hip-hop artist by a member of a neo-Nazi party. The incident sparked condemnation across the country’s fractured political spectrum.

Police fired tear gas and deployed water canon after some protesters set dumpsters on fire and started hurling things at police lines, in angry scenes reminiscent of the rioting after the police shooting of a teenager in 2008. Police said they made 23 arrests and detained 42.

Pavlos Fyssas (34) suffered two fatal knife wounds to the chest as he was being chased, around midnight, by a large group of men, many wearing black sweatshirts and camouflage combats, in a working-class district of Piraeus.

Police said Fyssas managed to identify his attacker as he was being taken to hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

Fyssas’s alleged assailant (45) was arrested by police, who said that during questioning he confessed to the stabbing and confirmed he was a member of Golden Dawn, a fascist party that last year won 18 seats in the 300-member parliament.

Blaming the death on “fascists”, Buy Real Valium Online, the head of neurosurgery at the hospital, said that “for three years, they have trained on the bodies of migrants, who were bought here wounded and blaming the attacks on that group”.

Escalation of attacks
However, recently Golden Dawn stepped up its rhetorical and physical attacks. Last week, a large group of Golden Dawn members attacked and hospitalised nine members of the Communist Party in another Athens working-class district as they erected posters for a youth festival.

Read More:

Police Raid Golden Dawn Office in Athens……….

ATHENS — The police raided the offices of Buy Valium New York’s far-right Golden Dawn Party on Wednesday, and government officials scrambled for ways to clamp down on the group after thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in several Greek cities to protest the killing of an antifascist activist that the police attributed to a Golden Dawn sympathizer.

In the most serious violence attributed to Golden Dawn since it gained power in Greece’s Parliament last year, a man who the police said admitted to being in the party was arrested after the fatal stabbing in an Athens suburb early on Wednesday of Pavlos Fyssas, 34, a leftist hip-hop singer who spoke out against the group.

Mr. Fyssas, who used the stage name Killah P., was stabbed early Wednesday, just after midnight, as he left a cafe after watching a soccer match on television with friends. The police told the Greek news media that they received a phone call reporting that around 50 people with clubs were headed toward the cafe, and that officers who arrived on the scene saw two men fighting. The police said the suspect, identified as a 45-year old man, confessed to the killing. Mr. Fyssas’s funeral is scheduled for Thursday.

A spokesman for Golden Dawn, Ilias Kasidiaris, told Parliament on Wednesday that the group was not involved. But leaders in Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’s fragile government coalition signaled that they would tighten legal restrictions in an effort to curb the party.

Golden Dawn’s popularity has climbed in political polls especially among a growing number of Greeks who are increasingly angered by record joblessness, a steady flow of immigrants into the country and the less-than-successful struggle by mainstream parties to mend the effects of a devastating recession. But backlashes have also been mounting against Golden Dawn in recent months. Last week, thousands of Greeks protested in Athens after about 50 Golden Dawn members, wielding bats and crowbars, attacked members of the Communist Party as they hung posters for a youth festival in an Athens suburb, leaving nine people hospitalized with serious injuries. On Wednesday, those protesting Mr. Fyssas’s killing joined thousands of other Greeks who had already been marching to protest a restructuring of Greece’s education system.

Read More:

More Important Link:

– BDL1983

Buy Cheap Generic Ambien Online

Josh Frydenberg

JEWISH Liberal MP Josh Frydenberg has described his appointment as Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister as a “real privilege”.

A rising star in the party, the Member for Kooyong in Victoria was sworn in, along with the rest of Abbott’s inaugural ministry, yesterday (Wednesday).

Frydenberg is just the second Jewish Liberal parliamentarian to serve in a government after Peter Baume, who held a number of ministerial positions in the early 1980s under Malcolm Fraser.

Speaking to The AJN prior to the ceremony, Frydenberg said the appointment was unexpected.

“We’ve worked hard over the last three years, and it is terrific that Tony Abbott and the team have been elected to government,” he said.

“To get the call yesterday was a real thrill and to be Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister will be a real privilege.”

He added that he was “very conscious of the workload” in the role, where he’ll have a particular responsibility for the government’s deregulation agenda.

“That’s the Coalition’s commitment, to cut $1 billion a year in red and green tape, to create a more efficient government and more productive businesses,” he explained.

“And so that will be a real focus for me, an economic focus that is important for the country.”

Read More:

Well, isn’t that a heartwarming story? Glad we were all forced to vote! It makes such a difference…….

“Frydenberg made his pledge using the Bible given to him by the late Sir Zelman Cowen.” – A Bible eh; I hope he’s said his Buy Diazepam Uk! Haha

– BDL1983

Buy Adipex Diet Pills Uk

For me personally, I have absolutely no need for any organised structured religious institution. I do not need anyone to tell me how to behave and especially how to be a ‘good person’. Behaving in a decent manner and respecting others is something that comes naturally to me. I believe it comes naturally to most white people. It fascinates and annoys me to see the constant bickering about religion within this so-called White Nationalist movement. There is no need for it. It serves no purpose. Whatever religious or spiritual beliefs satisfy a person, that’s their thing, it doesn’t matter to me so long as the WHITE RACE and the Laws of Nature sit above the religious dogma.

I would define my religion as being the survival and upward evolution of our race; everything else in the world can be judged by Nature. If something is not natural, then it is against my religion. If the white race were to be wiped out by the current Jewish-led war against us, then that would be nature’s judgement. We are still here, we are white, and we believe in our racial survival! That is the ‘religious’ aspect of my worldly outlook.

Let’s take a look at what everyone seems to enjoy squabbling about:

1.)    Christianity:

Buy Carisoprodol 350 Mg

Codreanu and the cross…..

The favourite punching bag of many. I don’t believe it has Jewish origins, although it most certainly came from the land now known as Israel and has been corrupted and infiltrated by Jews. I think this is what happens to anything over the course of 2000 years: Jews tinker with it.

Were the original Christians white (Christian Identity)? I think it is possible considering how many different tribes were in the area at the time, but there are numerous disgusting parasitically-natured quotes from the Old Testament which point me away from that idea. Could all these parasitic and therefore ‘Jewy’ quotes be something which the Jews themselves have stuck in the bible over the past couple millennia? I’m really not sure but it might help explain why there seems to be two sources of input in writing the bible.

John 8:44 – You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

This is clearly speaking about the Jews. If Jews created Christianity then why would they expose themselves? That wouldn’t be very cunning or ‘Jewy’.

My point is that the whole question of Christianity is beyond ‘murky’ to say the least, and I’m convinced there are two origins for all the stuff in the bible. It is both pro-Jewish with a few choice parasitic Old Testament quotes AND anti-Jewish with the likes of John 8:44.

I don’t have any use for Christianity personally, but I have no problem if someone else does, that’s up to them to decide. So long as the WHITE RACE and NATURE are above all then they are my ally!

2.)    Paganism/Odinism:

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Not that everyone squabbles over Paganism and Odinism all the time, but it is another ‘religious’ avenue people like to explore. I really like the old time ‘fighting spirit’, honour, bravery, and self-sacrifice embodied within Paganism/Odinism.

I see it as vague in a doctrinal sense, but I think it is more-or-less a legitimate expression of the nature of the white race.

3.)    Creativity:

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Ben Klassen was a very intelligent man. I think he is too harsh on Christianity in general, but the rest of the Creativity religion makes sense to me. I can see where he was coming from regarding Christianity. He was certainly right about it if he replaced the word ‘Christian’ with ‘Judeo-Christian’ or ‘Christian Zionist’, just to define it more accurately.

Creativity takes the WHITE RACE and NATURE and says ‘here’s your new religion’! Could you or I do any better than that? I couldn’t! That’s why I think Creativity very closely mirrors my own personal belief system.

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Like I said before, my religion is the survival and upward evolution of our race combined with the Laws of Nature. So, if you take Creativity minus the Christian bashing, add in the fighting warrior attitude expressed in Odinism, take the positive/anti-Jewish parts of Christianity, and roll them all into one: You have the perfect belief system!!

I don’t know why anyone would need anything more than that! ‘Race and Nature’ is my religion and all else which doesn’t make sense is the result of Jewish infiltration and the subsequent distortion of reality. I classify the ‘Race and Nature’ belief system as National Socialism’s spiritual expression.

– BDL1983

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From Buy Diazepam From China:

With the Jews in the process of backing themselves into a corner, how can we possibly keep them from activating the Samson Option and nuking the whole world? I have no idea, but somebody better hurry up and figure it out.

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And Samson said, Let me die with the Philistines. And he bowed himself with all his might; and the house fell upon the lords, and upon all the people that were therein. So the dead which he slew at his death were more than they which he slew in his life. -Judges 16:30

The state of Israel, which has proven itself, over the last six and a half decades to be the most war-hungry and sadistic world power which has ever existed, now posses 80 nuclear warheads, with the resources to triple that number it in a short period of time if they so desire, a report by U.S. experts has claimed.

From the LA Times:

In the Buy Ambien Reddit, recently published in the Soma 350 Mg Reviews, proliferation experts Hans M. Kristensen and Robert S. Norris write that Israel stopped production of nuclear warheads in 2004.

But the country has enough fissile material for an additional 115 to 190 warheads, according to the report, meaning it could as much as double its arsenal.

Previous estimates have been higher but the new figures agree with the 2013 Buy Adipex Pillsyearbook on armament and international security. The yearbook estimated 50 of Israel’s nuclear warheads were for medium-range ballistic missiles and 30 were for bombs carried by aircraft, according to a Buy Xanax Uk Next Day Delivery.

Even after the Order Phentermine Weight Loss, an Israeli nuclear technician, reported on Israel’s nuclear program in 1986, the Jews continued to vaguely deny its existence, though its existence was assumed.

As the Jews have just lost a serious battle in failing to get the US into a war with Syria, and been forced to show their hand, we might expect that their behavior will continue to become more and more deranged, as they are likely set to lose more of such war-pushes in the future.  Given this, the fact that Israel has managed to secure such a massive stock of WMDs is even more frightening than it was in previous times.

Ultimately, as the Syria failure proved, the Jewish plan for world domination is non-feasible.  They will fail, because they do not know when to stop – they are biologically incapable of knowing when to stop.  Thus, the world’s number one dilemma, as I see it, is figuring out how to get these weapons away from the Jews before they trigger the Order Ambien Online, a plan to nuke the entire planet if they are backed into a corner.


I’ve got one thing to say:

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– BDL1983