Domain Name…

I’ve just registered a domain name: for the “Volk und Vaterland” blog.

The main reason for this is that I’m sick of having to spell out the German. People don’t remember names when you complicate things…. I think “Expel The Parasite” is better! It’s clear and simple and easy to remember!

I should have considered the name more carefully when starting the blog a few weeks back……… Ah, what the hell?! Fuck it, that’s the new name and it won’t be changing!!!

– BDL1983

2 thoughts on “Domain Name…”

  1. Yip. Whatever. You bitter old fart. Once part of the priviledged race but now oh so underpriviledged πŸ™‚ When u lose your job, if u have one that is, you’re sure going to battle to get another πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ We are so much better off then you right now and none of your frustrated ramblings will change that. Mandela wasn’t a terrorist, not that you will listen, but anyway, he won, we won and your people lost:):):) So shame, enjoy your pathetic ramblings – it’s all you have left.

    1. By privileged, you mean better and more capable! You and your coloured ilk are fooling no-one, and you deserve nothing!
      What’s up with this bit “”we won and your people lost”… Sounds like a subtle admission that this IS A RACE WAR AFTER ALL!
      “So shame, enjoy your pathetic ramblings – it’s all you have left.” – Just you fucking wait. When the white man angers and explodes into his fierce warrior self, he will spare none of you useless parasites!

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