Lemmy’s Third Reich Stuff….

As you may have figured, I love Motorhead! They’re one of the loudest, fastest metal bands in the world!

Anyway, there is an interesting fascination Lemmy has; namely the Third Reich and collecting “Axis” memorabilia! The pictures below are from Lemmy’s apartment….. There’s some pretty cool GENUINE articles there:

Lemmyspadresized1 Lemmyspadresized2 wall o knives Lemmysapartment Lemmy11

The following 5 links are worth a look:

Crypt Magazine Interview

Lemmy’s Interview with David Lee ’98

Stormfront thread – “Heavy Metal v Holocaust denial”

Motorhead Forum – Holocaust comments

Lemmy on Metapedia

I’m quite sure Lemmy knows a lot more detail about WW2, Germany, the Jews etc. than he lets on…… Of course though, when you are the lead singer of one of the worlds biggest and best metal bands and you have a “career” to keep, you instinctively know when you’ve got to keep your mouth shut!

The fact that Lemmy’s career would be ruined if he ever told us what he REALLY thought is a testament to the power of the Jews….


– BDL1983