Classic V.o.R Radio – 2008

This is an old classic from the formerly functioning WN network – Voice Of Reason (VoR).



It’s from October 2008, so nearly 5 years old now, but its still a very interesting and entertaining broadcast! I only “woke up” to this Jew thing in early 2009 and this was one of the first WN radio shows I ever listened to. Rabbi Mishko and Grand Rabbi Faust, along with James Hawthorne from the UK, ‘star’ in this broadcast.

The following is a great quote from James Hawthorne about 182 – 185 Minutes in:

“You can always look to history to see how things happened in the past. So let’s look to 1929 in Germany. What happened there? The German economy was goin’ down because of the huge depression that happened in Wall Street. In 1929 the German people were using wooden wheelbarrows full of money to buy a loaf of bread. OK. This went on until 1933, until a political party called the National Socialist German Workers Party got elected to power and looked at the financial situation and said “no more usury, no more Jewish finance, the economy will be based on labour. Everything is based on labour. We need to reinvest in our manufacturing industry and start building stuff that says ‘made in Germany’”. Labour trumps international Jewish finance usury and that’s what their afraid of, of nationalist organisations coming back to power in Europe because we believe in economic nationalism, and economic nationalism means revitalising our manufacturing industries, because the Jews have turned America and Britain and most of Europe into a service industry. We don’t manufacture stuff that we used to, we import this crap from China, we import our cars from Japan. You know, Germany can build BMW’s as well as Japan can build Toyotas. We’ve gotta get back economic nationalism and building and putting our people back to work, building stuff that says made in the USA, made in Great Britain, made in Germany, made in France, and tell these Jews to take a flying leap with their usury and their financial institutions because when we come to power once again, economic nationalism should rule and labour should trump everything else.”


– BDL1983