You Know What Pisses Me Off?!

Well here’s what:

1.) All the fucking squabbling CHILDREN in this so-called “White Nationalist” movement (or lack there of). Go read the comment sections in pretty much any thread out there and all you get is this fucking trolling behaviour…. ‘Oh no, never just be a reasonable person and air your concerns fairly’. People always have to be arseholes. Alot of people out there ESPECIALLY in this WN thing (whatever ya wanna call it) seem to be complete pricks… and I fucking HATE them….

2.) All the “Religious” shit and endless name-calling that goes with it. OK this is the fucking deal as far as I could give a shit: If you are FOR THE WHITE RACE and AGAINST THE JEWISH MENACE, ABOVE ALL other things including Religion, then you are alright by me.. I’d consider you an ally…. If your religion is more important to you than the above two things in bold then go away. I know where I stand on these IMPORTANT issues and thats what matters to me! Having said that, I have no problem if someone is Christian Identity, Orthodox Christian, Pagan, Odinist or whatever religion, so long as they are PRO-WHITE and ANTI-JEWISH ABOVE ALL ELSE!!!! If a persons religion DOESN’T hinder their Pro-White Anti-Jew stance then all is fine.

It is time for the White Race to grow the fuck up and stop all the childish name-calling and pathetic JEWISH behaviour which currently engulfs this “movement”. Hats off to RICH AND KEITH at Truth Militia; they don’t tolerate any of this bullshit. And from now on I am not going to tolerate ANY bullshit thrown in my comment sections! Yes thats right, I’m talking about fucking condescending arseholes like the guy in my “Democracy vs Fascism” post… I GET TO CALL YOU NAMES IF YOU INITIATE IT! Which this arsehole did… Look at the post comments if you want to confirm what I’m saying.. (can’t be done anymore because I got rid of the Democracy v Fascism post…. I was sick of it…. Too many negative vibes maaaaan! – 6,7,13)

Deep Breath – – – – – – end of rant

I approve of the following people in the “movement”, SO DO NOT COME HERE BITCHING AND MOANING ABOUT ANY ONE OF THESE DECENT PEOPLE:

John Friend, Rodney Martin, Kyle Hunt, Mike Sledge, Siegfried, Lugh, Dana, Andrew Anglin, Rich & Keith at TM, Mike Delaney, Scott Roberts, Joe Northpal, John Hardon, Incogman, Deanna Spingola, Kevin MacDonald and Tom Metzger…. I think that covers it…. If I forgot anyone good I’ll update it…..

Everyone mentioned above needs to put religious disagreements aside and focus on the real enemy which is the Jew…. Merge the ANA and National Protectionism? Unity is Strength!

Cheers to all the decent people who’ve their hearts and minds in the right spot!


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