Above: I think we all know which column we should aspire to! The fatties are hilarious!!

If you look around at the average people who make up modern western society, you’ll see quite literally all shapes and sizes. Morbidly obese slobs, fat slobs, thin unmuscular string-bean types, effeminate faggy so-called men; you get the point. Basically a repulsive bunch of degenerates for the most part! Obviously there are an ever dwindling number of people in good physical shape too… Hopefully you’re one of these. The majority of the White Race seems to have lost any sort of pride in keeping a healthy physical shape. This is a disturbing pattern not given enough attention by most. Physical degenerates who couldn’t fight their way out of wet paper bags are no good to anyone…

How the fuck did it get like this?

Everyone’s heard the old saying, “a sound mind can only dwell in a sound body”. On rare occasions there may be exceptions, but generally the rule holds true. What good are clever fat slobs or skinny weaklings when the crunch comes? Not alot.

In the modern west most Whites fit into the broad physical degenerate category AND they are dumb as shit too… It’s a real winning mix for resisting and fighting the Jewish system!

All these useless physical degenerates are never going to care about real politics or get off their lazy arses for anything. They don’t care who is ruling them in the slightest. They only care about the basic necessities of life: food, shelter, sleep etc. In the end it all boils down to our 1% (hopefully it’s more than that) versus the J-Teams 1% (As Wolf Wall St puts it).

We have the potential to get alot more numbers on our side. The receptive people amongst us must take heed of a positive, healthy lifestyle. This means not eating shit food and exercising. I would suggest that the average person looking to improve their overall health incorporate 3 or 4 half hour sessions of STRENUOUS exercise into their average week. The benefits will be enormous for the currently inactive person looking to improve themselves.

Don’t get me wrong though; I do eat some junk food because I like to now and then, but overall my diet is good. I also love beer & if you asked any so-called ‘expert’ they would say I drink too much….. Well, blah blah blah, I don’t care, it’s how I relax and unwind. I think that 3 or 4 beers actually makes you think clearer!

Beer and junk food now and then. Those are my vices and everyone has some (and probably needs them for that matter!) It’s part of the human condition.

Another part of the human condition is self-discipline (or at least it should be). I am extremely determined to maintain my physical strength and I exercise daily to do it. I like to do half an hour a day, give or take a bit depending on what sort of work I’m doing at the time.

Personally I like a mixture of activities; running, weights, cycling, boxing, and trekking. It’s good having a mixture so you never get bored doing it. I could probably do a third of what I do and still maintain good physical fitness, but I like pushing myself. I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to exercise!

For what it’s worth this is what I suggest: If you eat poorly and you’re unfit, then you’ll have to use some self-discipline and willpower. Introduce some good foods and some physical activity GRADUALLY. You’ll thank yourself for it. We are going to need as many intelligent, able-bodied, strong people as we can get in this fight for the survival of our race. Toughen up, get fit, and after your daily thrashing you can look forward to a couple of cold


– BDL1983


  1. I advocate the “Warrior Diet”.
    Essentially you undereat during the day and feast in the evening.
    For example, from 12am – 8 pm undereat, then 8 pm to midnight feast.

    Undereating phase: fresh and raw fruits, vegetables, nuts (like almonds) and plenty of water. Almost a vegan diet if you will.
    Overeating phase: anything your body craves – carbs, proteins, more vegetables etc – this is by no means eating unhealthily mind you.

    This, in combination with a good exercise plan will see wonders.

    1. I have heard of the Warrior Diet. Strangely enough I probably tend to do my own version of it without even meaning to…..
      I don’t really like scoffing morning time anyway, couple cups of coffee does me fine, then a couple sandwiches for lunch but not too much really, then a large meal later on. I like being full at the end of a day when I can enjoy it!! Then a beer or 2 later 🙂

  2. Ahh the old kosher coopers, it’s a shame that alot of stuff that’s 100% Aussie made turns out to be Kosher! Alot of health food is. Stella article mate, couldn’t agree more.

  3. the jews feed all the goyim shit. Processed foods, packaged foods, all riddled with hormonal inhibitors and chemicals, enzymes that feminise, neurone inhibiting chemical compounds, drugs. Coopers is the best brew. Bottle fermented, the yeast isnt killed, its the same with tea. The tea the jews all drink in Australia, Madura, is one of the best teas made here as well.

    Brett, look at how seriously they write out that certification. Is it kosher? hhahaha. Even Rabbi Mordechai is involved.

    Should have an Aryan accredited food supply with only culturally traditional foods and farms and delivery arranged. Cooking food from Woolworths is going to get increasingly mentally retarding I predict.

  4. In short, the jews are very particular about what they consume. They have to be because they poison everything else. Everything else is cattle fodder for them. Designed to bring out charactaristics desired in herd animals.

    When you look at that Kosher certification and all the signatures and the Rabbinical Authorities involvement and all the phone numbers and the websites and you see how well they all look after eachother.

    Meanwhile, what are the original stock of this country doing? No identity, watch TV, believe what they hear. Except for the few of us who need to break out.

    When you upgrade your site you should start a section a bit like a magazine on lifestyle and history and identity.

  5. I was scrolling through my local synagogues website and they had EMERGENCY 24 HOUR KOSHER DELIVERY SERVICE.

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