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Critics are hailing the new Holocaust book “The Irreversible” as “the funniest original collection of Jewish comedy since the Nuremberg transcripts.”

From Buy Xanax Pfizer Online

Since the Jews first introduced their zany Holocaust comedy routine at the Nuremberg trials nearly 70 years ago, the world has not stopped laughing.  Holocaust movies, such as Schindler’s List, have entertained millions, and as it was decided that all children of the world had a right to partake in the joys of the Holocaust, a Jewish “survivor” has attended nearly every elementary school in the world over the last decades to tell jokes about lampshades made of human skin, people being tickled to death and Jews being forced to climb trees while the Nazis chopped them down.

However, with the last of the survivors kicking the bucket, the world has been left wondering: will the joyous laughter brought to the world by the stories of the Jewish Holocaust die with them?

Slate Magazine, which is edited by the Jew David Plotz (who took over from the Jew Jacob Weisberg), and owned by the Washington Post Company, which is run by the Jew Donald E. Graham, recently published an article, Buy Real Xanax Online Cheap, by the Jew David Rosenberg regarding a new photography book by the Jew Maciek Nabrdalik entitled Order Xanax Europe, which features portraits of some of the last living survivors, accompanied by a transcript of a comedy routine, featuring new material from these nigh-dead entertainers, much of which was made up on the spot.

Based on this short review, it is clear the book is pure comedy gold, and I think we can take it as a confirmation that although the last survivors are dying, the world will continue to laugh about the Holocaust for centuries to come.

Buy Alprazolam Cheap

Jew David Plotz, editor of Slate Magazine.  Plotz is married to Christ-hating Israeli kike journalist Hanna Rosin, who gave a TED talk called “Buy Ambien Online Next Day Delivery” calling for men to be removed from the workplace, wrote an Buy Alprazolam 2Mg Uk, and has promoted Buy Valium Australia and Buy Zolpidem Tartrate Online Uk.

In 2009, Nabrdalik, being concerned about the fact that the last of the millions upon millions of Jewish Holocaust survivors were going to pass away in the near future, went around and took weird pictures of these Jews.  He also pressured them to produce new comedy material, which is transcribed in the book.

The Slate article featured several one-liners from the survivors, but you’ll have to pay $60 (+$15 for s&h) for this Jew’s book to read the entire bits.

Buy Valium Cheap Online Uk

The pictures in the book apparently all look like this.

Here’s a sampling.

Jew ash making plants grow taller and prettier:

“One day I noticed a plant you could eat growing close to the barrack. I picked it up and I ate it, and later I found out that this plant grew so tall and pretty because in this very spot the ashes of burnt Jews had been scattered.” -Jerzy Ulatowski, KL Auschwitz-Birkenau survivor

Making funny faces and pretending to be handicapped to avoid rape:

“Ukrainian troops picked the prettiest girls out of the crowd and raped them. My mother had told me to make the ugliest face, frown, and pretend I was handicapped. It worked for me, but my friend didn’t receive such smart advice.” -Irena Ekert, KL Ravensbruck survivor

Patented Nazi hair removal cream cruelly administered:

“After he smeared something all over my head, only bare skin was left and all my hair fell out.  I started crying because I thought that it wouldn’t grow again.” –Danuta Bogdaniuk, KL Auschwitz – Birkenau and KL Ravensbruck survivor

Eating the boiled ass of a human corpse:

“Boys were boiling a piece of meat. I didn’t like it, but I did swallow a piece. They told me later where they had found it. It was a piece of a dead body. They cut out a piece from the buttocks.” -Tadeusz Sobolewicz, KL Auschwitz-Birkenau, KL Buchenwald, KL Flossenburg and KL Regensburg survivor

Murdered with farm tool for refusing to get wet:

“We worked by the fish ponds. When my friend refused to get into the water, our supervisor pushed her to the ground, put the spade on her neck, stepped on it, and strangled her.” -Sabina Nawara, KL Auschwitz, KL Ravensbruck and KL Buchenwald survivor

These are true entertainers, through and through.  Even at the end of their lives, the only thing they care about is bringing the joys of comedy to the world.  With their keen sense of humor, we can be certain that these Holocaust survivors are going to die laughing.


That’s a pretty funny write-up by Andre! Check out Generic Ambien Looks Like NOW if you haven’t already……..

– BDL1983