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11 thoughts on “It’s Time for Adolf Hitler’s Resurrection!”

  1. God bless our Fuhrer, the most inspirational and courageous White Man in two thousand years! Dear Fuhrer, we will never forget you and we will NEVER surrender. Great article Brett……….SIEG HEIL!!!!!

  2. Great article Brett,
    Thank you for spreading the real truth about Adolf Hitler, and showing,such beautiful pictures,1488

    1. My personal life is just fine, thankyou. Just because we care about the future of our race doesn’t mean we don’t have lives! Go away and learn about the Jewish tribe’s role in history, then you’ll think differently

    2. Well well well, it seems we have our first bona fide dyke kike troll. Mmmmm…. a badge of honour indeed. Are you a new member of the paid troll crew, a pig ugly dyke or a feeble minded shabbas goy? Perhaps all of the above? You aint the dirt on Hitler’s boots Eva : ) and we all get what’s coming to us, question is-are you ready?..coz we sure are! 1488 and a lovely day to you.

      1. I’m ready for what my lord Jesus has for you if y’all don’t see the light. I hope y’all do. I don’t do name calling. Believe what you want but I’m better than name calling. That’s like so elementary school. Be adult.

        1. “Elementary school”… y’all? In Oz we have primary school, high school/Secondary school and Tertiary/University. You’re an American posing as an Aussie are you not?? They need your wisdom and maturity much more than we do, and you can worship the chosen all you like there.
          We too look forward to the return of our Lord and are ready to be judged. 1488

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