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12 thoughts on “AUSTRALIA!! Are You Ready To VOTE!?!?!”

  1. One thing we can do that might make voting slightly better than useless is the write-on option, you can write the words “REDUCE IMMIGRATION” at the top of each ballot paper. If enough people do it, they’ll be forced to listen. More info here: Buy Soma Online Us To Us

    1. Yep, anything against “pro immigration” is worth a try! A black line through every candidate with REDUCE IMMIGRATION at the top………….. Why not hey? I’d prefer STOP IMMIGRATION AND SHIP THEM ALL BACK but democrazy aint there yet!
      1488 DC

  2. The London Declaration for Noachide Law.

    Where inability, failure or refusal to recognise the congenital divinity of the jew as god incarnate, is a transgression of the ‘law’. deserving of punitive action by legislatorial lackeys.

    At every level the jews’ religiously derived activism to impose their religion on every one else contravenes the very “hate’ and ‘discrimination’ laws that they invented to silence dissenters.

    Perjury laws are being replaced by ‘hate’ laws, where offence trumps truth. Of course, the first refuge of the liar and perjurer in court is to default to feigned offence and indignation. It makes sense. Judasism grants ‘jews’ licence to lie cheat and steal at every societal level in their dealings with the ‘goyim’….. Their legal testimony renders as filth and a comical irrelevance the notion that courts administer ‘justice’ on the basis of universal and immutable truth revealed.

    If the courts represent a metaphysical analog of the universal Natural Laws that apply equally to all of us, including the physical and notional ‘jew’, then judasim represents the negation of Natural Law. Perhaps this is why the jew manufactures endless jewish ‘superheroes’ able to transcend and defeat the universal physical, and also seek the subjugation and disenfranchisement of everyone else. It legitimises their relative view of themselves in comparison to the base and congenitally evil “goyim’.

    It is a truly narcissistic and repugnant ‘religion’.

  3. Buy Xanax Pfizer Online

    Milne features in this.

    What would those who castigate questioners of orthodoxy know……. While they may care for hurt feelings, their understanding of the import of the number 6 and the fact that god’s number is 42 precludes them from entering the discussion informed, other than perhaps to critique others from a position of well funded power and import.

  4. Mandarin-speaking Rudd is married to a Jew and has Jew kids, so he was a lost cause before he’d even entered politics. Abbott isn’t much better. Some Aussies will recall that he was instrumental in getting Pauline Hanson thrown unjustly into the slammer.

    I voted for an independent just so I could write BRING BACK THE WHITE AUSTRALIA POLICY on the senate ballot paper. I’m sure there was one or two vote talliers, most of whom were middle-aged whites, who agreed with that sentiment.

    1. I’ve been thinking lately that Rudd’s ugly dog wife looks Jewy and her name is Jewy… Is there concrete proof of that? Or do you just read between the lines?
      I wrote a message of support for the White Australia Policy on my Senate paper too!

  5. Hmm, I was repeating what I’d read on some White Nationalist websites, which isn’t the wisest thing to do before checking whether the info is factual or not.It would seem that Judicial Inc, not the most reliable of sources, is ground zero for the claim that Therese Rein is a Jew. Therefore I’ll have to declare her innocent until somebody can furnish definitive proof that she’s guilty.

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