Your VOTE is Precious!!! (don’t laugh….)

I’ve highlighted the funny bits & made a few comments:

Mark Aldridge is an Independent candidate for the Federal Senate in South Australia and has been a long-time campaigner for electoral reform. He asks for people to treat their vote with the value it deserves.

AFTER A DECADE of putting forward my candidacy at state and federal level and taking up the fight for honest democracy and electoral reform, I have watched matters move from bad to even worse.

The two party system is so entrenched in our political lives, the idea of a free and informed vote has become a thing of the past. Sadly, while we continue to let those that benefit most from structural biases write the electoral laws, any hope of reform in favor of honest democracy remains in the realms of fairy tale fiction. (Forget it mate; so-called “honest democracy” is a JOKE! – BDL1983)

Names are deliberately left off ballot papers; major media outlets enforce black bans of certain candidates; dodgy postal voting applications run rife; how to vote information is absent; identities are being stolen; there is mass misrepresentation in political advertising; and candidates make false promise with utter impunity. And those are just the issues that are “out in the open”; undoubtedly, there are other dodgy practices going on in the background that never see the light of day. (He’s not wrong here & that’s only just scratching the surface! I wonder if I could run under the banner of “The Australian ‘Expel The Parasite’ Party”? Or would I get the medias “black ban” for my controversial views….. – BDL1983)

Despite public awareness of these sorts of practices in Australian elections, we continue to reward the perpetrators with our precious votes.

Dishonest how to vote information, manipulated electoral rolls, the supply of pencils to fill in our ballots and the lack of equity within the two-party counting system are some of the issues that attract little or no attention in the media. (pencil supplies are a critical part of the “democratic” process! You’ve gotta laugh – BDL1983)

Even the court of disputed returns, which is meant to enforce democratic process in elections, ensures that any petition to declare the result of an election void, regardless of the conduct it complains about, is always unsuccessful.

The media sell the party leaders, yet the parties can remove them at will. This means that in an educated and fair system electoral system, we would scrutinize the candidates we do personally vote for − the ones in the upper house and in our electorate − but who are they?

Manipulation of information has become a massive business. Manipulation of the two parties even more so. This allows those in big business who donate to the big parties and the media unbridled control over the outcomes of elections and the future of our country. (Sounds like Mr. Aldridge is on our side here….. He doesn’t like Democracy after all! Why bother standing for it then? – BDL1983)

The most important issues facing our future, such as adequate water, power, food production, health, education, civil rights and liberties, community safety, population growth, the economy and environmental issues all receive headlines but very little productive action. It seems as if inaction itself is part of a grand plan, or offers some financial benefit. (Can’t expect productivity with Dr. Do-littles sitting in parliament… – BDL1983)

The people of this fine country are so busy trying to make ends meet, and so sick of the political spin, a large majority have all but given up on the idea of change. And considering the information we are being given by the media, who only flog the two horse race of Abbot or Gillard, apathy becomes understandable. (He still doesn’t like democracy…. – BDL1983)

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Alright, enough of that crap. I just wanted to highlight how average people think about the “Democratic process”….

Actually, Mr. Aldridge is probably a lot more aware AND better informed than the average voter, and he still knows virtually nothing about REAL political power in this country!

Mick sent me the following video on what to do when voting on September 7… By the way, we have COMPULSORY voting in this “free and democratic” country…. A Jew comes round your place demanding shekels if you DON’T VOTE!

This video shows us something we can do with our voting slips, rather than just drawing swastikas, or putting a box with the name A. Hitler and ticking it, or writing 88 on it…. I’m going to do what the video says just for the hell of it….. 99.999% chance it’s a complete waste of time…….. But……. What the hell!!! My vote is PRECIOUS after all.

This is a laugh:

Your right to vote is…

The sword of your power and the shield of your freedom.
 SandS1  SandS2
Sword against bad Government. A shield against dictators.

– BDL1983

Kai Murros on the European Revolution!

This one was posted a couple of years ago over at the “Majority Rights” website… It deserves to be reposted – BDL1983


Kai Murros on the European Revolution!

Style/Attitude/Revolution – A Letter to a Friend

by Kai Murros

The fundamental question us, white nationalists, are facing today is how to take over our societies psychologically, how to rise from the political and intellectual periphery in to the centre, refine our sub-culture to make it main stream and force the public in our societies to accept our vision of the future as the only possible alternative. To do that, we must first perfect the concept of the Pan-European nationalism and in doing so we must pay great attention to how the Pan-European movement looks like and feels like. Therefore we must be conceptual artists, fashion designers and copywriters rather than boring intellectuals and helpless theorists. If our concept is good it will dwarf other political styles and begin to dominate people’s thinking.

Seizing the hegemony in the society requires that nationalists are determined to become the new elite and understand that fundamentally they must wage politics of power and will. Today nationalists have nothing but if they at least have the right attitude then they have a chance, because what makes elite an elite is precisely the attitude. The conviction of being right and above others gives the members of the elite self-confidence and determination, which is then reflected in their appearance and behaviour. Outsiders recognize very easily those who seem to be on top of things, assertive, cool and even good looking.  The masses inherently despise desperate people and rather follow those who are arrogant and bold.

Nationalists must tirelessly talk about power and how to get power. Nationalists must make it absolutely clear that the movement is all about power, absolute power, power for the sake of power, a cynical conspiracy to get power. Nationalists must make everybody understand that one day they will have absolute power. This is important because all this talk about power makes nationalists look powerful and dangerous even when they don’t yet have power. Women, for example, love determined men who give the impression that they have great plans for the future. Power is sexy, nationalists have to make it their fetish.

Nationalists must always emphasize that they know more than the outsiders—after all they   understand the process of how and why western civilization will collapse and thus prepare conditions for the nationalist takeover. People are often very curious about groups/societies/cults/sects etc. that seem to have information that is not openly shared. Once there is a body of knowledge—New Right philosophy, nationalist theories on revolution or urban warfare techniques and combat exercises that can be acquired by joining this elitist, closed organization people get an irresistible urge to join – the more difficult it is to get in the more attractive it becomes. And once you are in the group, you can really feel that you are better than the outsiders.

Since nationalists do not yet have the money or means to effectively broadcast their message, the best platform for nationalist propaganda are the nationalists themselves and therefore their appearance is of utmost importance.  Nationalists should create a style that reflects power, strength, arrogance, danger and intelligence. The style should be easily recognizable so when nationalist youths are out in the town people notice them immediately—every single nationalist should be a walking propaganda poster for the movement. When nationalists are gathering it should immediately give a sense of downright occupation. There are several psychological studies on how a uniform affects the people who wear it and those who are outside the group—the effects are very dramatic! Once nationalists are oozing with sex, death, and danger, more and more people will want to join them. Fighting for your people is sexy—this is extremely atavistic—looking good while fighting for your people is even sexier.

Now how should a young cadre of the national revolution look like? Unfortunately I am not a fashion designer – although I really would like to be – anyway, I’ve been toying with some ideas. First of all I like very much the Mod -style and attitude, the colours of the today’s Mod-nationalist should definitely be black and dark grey.  An addition to the smart suit would be Dr. Martens boots laced up to knee high—like mormons gone bad. Imagine a young stylish nationalist wearing a black suit, white shirt, black tie,  Dr. Martens boots and a shoulder bag. In the shoulder bag the nationalist could carry books from Juenger, Evola, Nietsche, Thiriart, Niekitsch etc. and maybe a brass knuckles or something. The message would be that I can have an intelligent discussion with you or I can kick your teeth in—a nice combination of intelligence and violence.

The nationalist street combat uniform should definitely be the black biker all-leather outfit, with a white shirt and black tie. Against head injuries the nationalist shock troops should wear the black crash helmet. A crash helmet provides the best possible protection against any projectiles and blows as long as firearms are not used. The crash helmet also covers the shock trooper’s face revealing only his eyes—this way the fighter can hide his identity and in a combat situation you are always more threatening to your enemies if they can’t see your face and read your facial expressions so you don’t give away any signs of individual weaknesses.

Nationalist shock troops should be armed with aluminium baseball bats. By wielding the bat with both hands you can deliver terrible blows to your enemy, but more importantly the shining silver bat looks nice against black leather mass—the aesthetic aspect is always just as important as the practical one. Black and silver were the colours of the SS and in this way they could be our colours too—in a very modern way.  I’ve also been toying with the idea that the shock troops could also use American football pads as protective armour. Wearing black leather and football armour the shock troopers would be like some cool apocalyptic Mad Max road warriors—a fitting reference to the ongoing collapse of our civilization. In case football armour is a bit uncomfortable to wear in a fight, there are also other body armours that are lighter and easier to use … but still look great, check this out:

Nationalist shock troops should then learn to carry their weapons and move about in a uniform manner. The shock troops should learn to march in the same rhythm—the sound of the steps alone is a psychological factor. The shock troop formation looks great when it learns to move, turn, fold and unfold like a real military formation or like a mechanism made of leather and steel. The ability to move about like a real military formation requires a lot of drill but if done properly our fighters definitely give the impression of discipline and power—power has to be their fashion.

We must aesthetisize violence and spice it up with a hefty doze of sex—if we can do that our movement will become irresistible to young white males looking for action and purpose in life. The movie Clockwork Orange is a good example of how even cruel and senseless violence can be made appealing—we’ll just have to do it in real life and give it an ideological frame. Biologically sex and violence always go together—in nature males fight for their right to procreate and then defend their offspring and territory—this is in a nutshell exactly what the white nationalists are facing today. White national revolution is a biological phenomenon and that’s why it’s unstoppable!

Drill is very important because it gives nationalist units command structure and cohesion and their enemies get the idea that nationalists really mean business. A well drilled shock troop unit is the best publicity the movement could ever have, because the masses follow the strong and the self-confident. A riot or a street fight should be regarded as a spectacle, an opportunity for the shock troops to be seen and be admired by the timid public—nationalist demonstrations should never be just an angry mob of men with short hair. When the movement shows signs of strength and discipline, young males will flock under its banners—this pack mentality is in their genes, it just has to be activated. If the movement can make the young fighters to submit themselves to the tedious drill, it will turn them into real soldiers of urban warfare.

I’ve also been thinking that paint ball war gaming could also be an excellent opportunity to wear smart gear and look intimidating. Instead of guerilla fighting in the forests nationalists should especially simulate urban warfare, which is something they are most likely to face in the future as societies begin to fall apart. And, like I said, extra attention must be given to what the combatants wear—they should look as stylish and militant as possible—the best thing would be if we could create a cool nationalist city-camo look for them.

One option here is that we go for a fusion of different elements such as (city)camo, army surplus,  leather, studs, dyed jeans, hoodies and other combat/martial arts paraphernalia. With a little imagination everyone could create their own personal look—just like punks, they all look so different—their creativity seems to be absolutely endless in that department—but still in a uniform sort of way. This would give an impression of a ragtag army instead of the faceless mass of black leather, but I think it would fit the concept of post-collapse urban warfare well. Combatants having their own customized style and gear would be like characters in computer and video games—this time they would be creating their own real-life fighter characters. The most effective way to activate young people is by giving room for their individual creativity and imagination.

The idea of paintball war gaming is, of course, that nationalists publicly start preparing for war. The worst mistake would be to do this secretly somewhere in the forests. Combat training for the coming civil war must be brought outrageously in the open—obviously, where there are vacant buildings and rundown factories, but hopefully near where people live so that as many as possible can see what nationalists are doing. Once people realize what is going on they begin to believe that the country really is heading toward a violent confrontation and those who prepare for it openly and systematically are seen strong and powerful. Considering the state our societies are today, it doesn’t take much to shake people’s confidence in the system, this way we will scare the general public to accept our vision of the future.

Nationalists should start to act like a real insurgent army and start forming real units, where fighters have ranks and specialized tasks for different situations—it doesn’t matter how small this unit is as long as long as everything is done properly: Uniforms, training and structure. What ever nationalists do as a group they must always have a structure—this way outsiders take them seriously and they take themselves even more seriously—and obviously, nationalist fighters must look good!! Paintball war gaming is not just a bunch of lads running around and shooting each other but a PR campaign, a publicity stunt, a way advertize our concept to the general public and to other nationalists. Creating paramilitary combat units is in itself an open challenge to the system and it will not go unnoticed. By giving an impression of structure, discipline and determination nationalists will spread a sense of unease among the liberals as they start to wonder if there is something going on that they have no control upon. Nationalists do not have fire arms, but their attitude and attire alone make them look dangerous and appealing enough.

I guess I have a very one track mind when it comes to style and it seems that all I can think of is just recycling already existing elements—this way they are more easily available, though, but I do believe that uniforms like these would give their wearers a lot of needed visibility and credibility in the streets. I am convinced that somehow we should launch a brand new line of nationalist street fashion—in the post-modern world the coming revolution will be, above all else, a revolution of fashion and style as representation is just as important as the content itself—if nationalist fighters look good they feel good and the audience will love them. The Fascists knew this well—fascism is not an ideology but a style and a state of mind—and that’s why Fascism will always make a comeback. If the soil is fertile, the change can come very suddenly and the ground zero for the explosion of new creative cultural energy can be a small group of people or a geographical space—just imagine how Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood launched punk style from their SEX boutique.—The stage is set: now we must make our entrance.


– BDL1983