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The World’s Most Famous Holocaust Liar is Dead

So we went to all the trouble voting in an election yesterday and they still can’t say whether it’s Kodos or Kang who’s gonna lead the country. Indecision will be the end of us.

Kodos and Kang.

Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten last night.

Anyway, besides the point, here is some actual good news: Elie Wiesel is DEAD! He spent his entire life lying to everyone (hardly uncommon among Jews), probably escaped about 35 different gas chambers, but now its all caught up with him. Poor victim of everything.

From ABC News:

Lying Jew.

Lying Jew.

Elie Wiesel, the Holocaust survivor, renowned writer and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, who worked to keep alive the memory of Jews slaughtered during World War II, has died, Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust centre says.

A spokesman for the centre confirmed Wiesel’s death on Saturday, but had no further details.

Mr Wiesel, who was reported to be 87, died at home in Manhattan, The New York Times said.

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You’ve got to have a feel good story sometimes don’t ya? I’m really happy about this. It means one less rotten lying bastard out there slandering my ancestors!

German beers to celebrate with!

German beers to celebrate with!

– BDL1983

The Jews and Their LIES

After watching that, try telling me that Joseph Goebbels isn’t spot on in this short clip:

“They should stop lying. One day our patience will come to an end and then the insolent Jews will have their lying mouths shut for them!”

– Joseph Goebbels

It really is mind-boggling how people can’t see these dirty Jewish liars for what they are!

– BDL1983