Housing Collapse? Bring It On!!

If the housing market was truly as healthy as the government would like us to think it is, they would not have had to intervene last year with the HomeBuilder scheme. You don’t go propping things up, unless they need it. That aside, it seems in theory they could keep pushing it higher, since borrowers are still insane enough to take out enormous mortgages and lenders are still obliging. See what happens if they tighten the lending standards…

Add into the mix all sorts of supply chain problems, timber prices rising and a serious shortage- who knows what will happen? What I do know is that you can’t build things unless you can reliably source ALL the things you need, AND WHEN you need them.

It’s all a total mess.

Eventually something has to give. It has to.

-ETP Admin.

Something Is Lurking On The Horizon.

This Tube channel is always a good one for information about the U.S. economic situation:

He always hits the nail on the head.

This next clip alerts us to the dangers lurking beneath Australia’s absolutely fantastic, unstoppable housing market:

Tube Channel Link.

Something is lurking. Something is going to give.


-ETP Admin.