1. Commit ourselves and obey the socialist state? The National Socialist Idea is not even mentioned in the vid – although it was chock-full of non-racial, “pro-German state” ambiguities due to the splicing and editing of the audio feeds.
    The National Socialist Idea was taught to us of the Cross. One life in exchange for the life of our entire racial nation. National interest before self interest. (That must be a fair exchange for the National Socialist and the Christian because the two ideas are inseparable. Both asks the individual to be willing to make himself a living sacrifice for the life of his racial brothers and sisters. The “Nation” or lawful “state” refers only to the racially homogenous society that we are commanded to maintain. Both in our own lands and of our race in it’s entirety.)
    With the racial understanding taken out of his writings and his speeches, Mr. Hitler, like the Holy Bible, makes very little sense to anyone.
    The opposite of National Socialism would be an “International Socialism” – which is the religion of Babylon.

    1. The thing is that when watching videos of Hitler, the racial element should be taken for granted because NS is a purely racial ideology…. I agree though, if race is removed from the Christian Bible then it becomes the Judaic universalist piece of shit it has become thanks to the evil Jew infiltration. Hitler didn’t need to mention race every couple of seconds in his speeches because he was speaking directly to his people…. he knew it. They knew it. So it was understood… And Yeah, international socialism = communism = Jew Babylon, under their control. NS is most certainly the antidote!
      1488 Karl, thanks for your comment man

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