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  1. Wellsy

    Hey Brother. A couple more recommendations for you:

    The Future of Man by Robert Klark Graham

    Quote from chapter VII, We Are The Target:
    “Communism is based upon a fundamental biological phenomenon. It is able to exploit the
    rapid increase of people with mediocre intelligence, an increase which occurs because natu-ral selection no longer keeps their numbers down. This is the source of inner confidence
    which gives Marxist revolutionaries the expectation of total world conquest. Even when the
    failures of communism are fully and painfully evident to thinking persons, it will continue to
    make gains as the ratio of unthinking people increases. This is why Communists do not have
    to rely exclusively on war. They need only wait until the intelligent are sufficiently outnum-bered in countries not yet under Communist control. They do not anticipate a long wait.

    Communism may be delayed by reforms, counter-ideologies, welfare or appeasement— all
    of which attack the symptoms instead of the causes. But communism will only be stopped by
    an alert and growing body of intelligent people who leaven their nations as yeast does a ris-ing loaf and who offer competent leadership. The basic answer to the increase of the masses
    is a proportionate increase of the intelligent. Fortunately, they need not match each other
    man for man. Ten men of high intelligence can be far more effective than a thousand morons.”

    The False Assumptions of “Democracy” by Anthony Ludovici

    “Kill the Best Gentiles” by James W. von Brunn

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