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16 thoughts on “Site Under Reconstruction Operation…”

  1. The Jews at word press have also diversity macht frei, wide awake gentile, a new order, Jew world order, antipodean resistance and German and few others, we need to not rely on Jewish platforms; as hard as that is, yet they make alternatives much harder to use, buggier and expensive so we give up.

  2. Hi nice Website!=)
    Do you know if Keith of Truth-militia has a new website or something? Because i haven’t been able to reach the truth-militia website for years now.
    Praise the Lord Jesus.
    One love Fredrik!: )

  3. Brett;
    I wanted to comment under the article regarding women wanting to freeze their eggs. I support this advancement in science, but not because it advances women in their careers. I see where you are coming from in your stance here; however, life is not perfect and in more cases than not we fall short of lofty ideals. You cannot eat ideals.

    I do not do white. I went down the rabbit hole of WN for a bit and recognized it as a misogynistic, closeted gay movement that does nothing but bash “white women”. If this is a movement that supports the advancement of the ever shrinking minority called “white” God help us. The people in this group do more damage and cause more infertility and drive white women to be pariahs.

    I have met Muslim men who support subsidized daycare and their women working outside the home. Many of them and this does not seem to stem their birthrate.

    Bettering your prospects in life via education through formal schooling or by on the job experience is not bad. It is not selfish.

    I knew of plenty of white women in the 70s and 80s who were left by their mates with children and had these women had an education and skills they and their KIDS would fare better economically.

    There is no discipline left in “white” people and they don’t give a fuck. THAT is the problem.

    There are women like myself who might have had problems finding a partner due to scientifically proven biological reasons. I have rh neg blood and my body will reject 85% of the world’s sperm without medical intervention. Men can subconsciously smell women who are on birth control and will reject them for sex and dating etc. There are studies out there highlighting this observation. Stands to reason that I have may have been passed over subconsciously by the majority of rh pos men out there due to my blood as I would reject their fetus – BLOOD SPEAKS.

    So what was I to do? Am I selfish for going about things my way? Is it my fault for being an rh neg woman? There are women who freeze their eggs at a young age now because of endometriosis etc ( I believe I am undiagnosed).

    We cannot eat ideals. The cold hard reality is that many quality “white” people have a hard time finding mates today as it is a world that forces coupling based on ideals and not scientific reality.

  4. I posted a comment. Not sure if you have or will approve it. Not about freezing eggs to push through career.

    Are rh negative blood people not allowed to reproduce? Are we supposed to hybridize and risk our health and the health of our kids? Is it the rh negative’s fault / selfishness that only 15% of the world’s population is rh negative?

    I didn’t create this mess. I am glad that there are advanced reproductive techniques out there.

  5. Hey what happened to Nordic anti-Semite and Chateau Heartiste? Those were the two best blogs on the web along with this one.

    Looks like they took everything down around May of this year. How sad 🙁

    1. WordPress censored them and mine. The bastards deleted about 4 years of this site here… Now it’s not hosted by them, thankfully! I should start writing on this site again…..

  6. I don’t have your archive site on my new computer and wish that you would put a link to that website on here as I can’t remember the URL and don’t see it anywhere. I have truly missed this EtP site over the months that it’s been gone. Millions of thanks for bringing it back!!!

    1. For the archive site I reckon the best bet is the Wayback Machine. Somehow, I’ve got to get the motivation and inspiration to write again. I think I can, but it takes a bit when you feel like you’ve said everything before…. I’ll find a way! Glad you like the site Hans btw. I will repost a bunch of old articles too when I get the time.. WordPress deleted a heap in their censorship process.

      1. Thank you, Brett. Enough of my memory came back that I managed to find by using DuckDuckGo. I wish you every success in finding the motivation and inspiration to write again and rebuild your ETP site.

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