Live Fast or Die Trying…..

Considering the fact that no-one really gives a fuck about all this pointless blogging and endless repetition; we may as well enjoy ourselves! Listen to some fucking awesome music – Heavy Metal is so often only appreciated by Whites and there is only an odd sprinkling of non-whites among the Genre.

Obviously I’m not talking about my small handful of decent commenters when I mention ‘pointless blogging’ – I appreciate everything you have to say; I just don’t have time or I forget to respond to a few things here and there……


– BDL1983

15 thoughts on “Live Fast or Die Trying…..

  1. Wilson Mount

    I agree with ya man. It is coming to the point where I feel like saying “what’s the point anymore?”.

    Metallica sux by the way 😛

        1. BDL1983 Post author

          I like Megadeth too… I liked it before I know about the Jew factor! Fair enough – we can’t agree on absolutely everything otherwise we would live in the Commie dream of everyone being the same!!! haha 1488

          1. Wilson Mount

            That’s it man.. and don’t worry, we all know how good jews are at theatricals and what have you!

  2. Steven

    DON’T GET DOWN BROTHER! You have inspired me and many others! Keep up the good fight! PLEASE! We need people like you, intelligent and natural leaders. You say fuck authority! And fuck you! Don’t tell me what to do or what to believe! Please don’t get down. You are making a difference and it is a positive thing for us in a big way. Gripes go up the ladder not down! Lead and we will follow sir! Thank you for all the honesty and all the hard work you do, staying up all night in front of a keyboard/ your sword and pistol! Lean on friends in time of duress. The cause is in need of you. Keep up the fine work sir. Steven

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      Don’t worry man, I’m not gone! Just making a certain point that maybe we should all start up sites and do the same thing.. It’s perfectly easy to do! Sieg Heil!

      1. Steven

        Keep your head up! Come to the states? U have friends, and a please to stay. My wife makes a mean omelet and lasagne! Till tomorrow- steven

  3. theendofziondotcom

    I saw Phil Anselmo play with his band Superjoint Ritual once and he was high out of his mind on heroin and all he did was mumble about how much he hated niggers and if any of them try to run up on him (this was in Chicago) he was going to fuck them up. It was pretty funny. He was so fucked up you could barely understand what he was saying in between songs but then he would sing the songs flawlessly.

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      Well that’s the thing about heavy metal and rock’n roll…. A lot of questionable lifestyle choices, but what the hell….

  4. GDSoldier

    Fire!, to begin whipping dance of the dead,..Blackened is the end!!! If that don’t inspire ya then try “Damage Inc” or ” Whiplash”…. Love it!! 1488-SIEG HEIL

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