UN Says Australia Not Allowed to Patrol Their Borders

Steve Goode
White Genocide Project
January 26, 2014

It is against the law to not allow the enemy inside the gates.It is against the law to not allow the enemy inside the gates.

UN agency says Australia could be breaking the law after reports of its navy intercepting boats carrying migrants.

Adrian Edwards, a spokesman for the UN high commissioner for refugees says the agency wants an explanation as to why there are reports of the Australian navy stopping Indonesian illegal immigrant boats from crossing into Australia.

“UNHCR would be concerned by any policy or practice that involved pushing asylum-seeker boats back at sea without a proper consideration of individual needs for protection,” Edwards told reporters, saying the agency wanted details from the government.

“Any such approach would raise significant issues and potentially place Australia in breach of its obligations under the 1951 Refugee Convention and other international law obligations,” he said.

Meanwhile, Indonesia has put its jet fighters on alert to attack Australian ships if they enter the sea around Indonesia. The Indonesian navy has also been moved closer to Australia.

A nationwide opinion poll conducted by UMR Research, shows that 59% of people think most boat immigrants are not genuine refugees, 30% of Australians think immigrants should not be treated more severely, and 59% oppose immigrants receiving government welfare assistance.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, elected on “stop the boats” slogan, has enacted “Operation Sovereign Borders“, a campaign which is credited with stopping almost 80% of boat illegal immigrants.

When “open borders” are declared (but only for White countries), it is pretty obvious what is going to happen. If you have two buildings; one is full of money, diamonds, gold bullions – and the other building is full of scrap, which building would stand to lose the most if people were invited to take whatever they wanted from either building?

The reason why White countries have so many immigrants is because White people have produced societies that people want to live in.

Meanwhile on planet Earth, rich countries like Japan or China are allowed to patrol their borders to make sure that Japan and China remain countries full of Oriental people. The same is true of ANY non-White country.


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Steve Goode over at the White Genocide Project is doing a really good job putting out the right message. Definitely go and check out his site! Keep up the great work Steve!

As usual it’s the wonderful ever-loving Jewnited Nations telling us we can’t patrol our borders. Once you know what’s going in the world (with the Jews controlling everything) you find that no news stories are surprising, at all! Everything fits the Jew agenda for world domination and the genocide of the White Race, therefore we must do our best to oppose them.


– BDL1983

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      1. Nice vid, The link between Icke’s shapeshifters and cyptos is something that has been deliberately smokescreened by the kikes themselves. If you sub “Top level kike” with “Rothschild Zionist” and “cryptos” with “reptilians”…”shabats goy” with “illuminati” in Icke’s stuff, you have something resembling reality. Sometimes I think this angle is deliberate on his part, nudging the zombies to figure it out !

        1. Yea I agree on that one, but still we must remember that most of the “Goy” don’t have the benefit our blessing of knowledge and understanding of the enemy Jew because of years of brainwashing, so as such we have to explain it in easy terms to get them thinking like we do ! 🙂

  1. Another very basic yid tactic, “Problem-Reaction-Solution”…. firstly: destroy the entire mid east,and loot 3rd world countries….secondly: Blame the white man….finally: Make the goyim feel guilty so as to open up the borders to millions of cockroaches!! Solution being of course the ruin of every nation on earth and hooknose vermin keeping the chaos under control whilst making shekels. We cannot stress enough = The glorious day of the rope is coming! 1488

      1. Ratfaced kikes presenting a safe, medically (kosher) endorsed method to drink your own piss!
        Unless you’re in the desert and about to expire from dehydration, then this is simply degeneracy and filth for the masses, courtesy of another schlomo vermin obsessed with faeces and urine. Hang’em all ! 1488!

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