Motorhead Is The Best!!!!

Watch these with the VOLUME CRANKED UP TO THE MAX:

Now RELAX as Lemmy goes acoustic:

Yeah, yeah, YEAH!!! I love Motorhead; if you’re doing some boxing or having a few beers, it’s always reliable stuff!

– BDL1983

7 thoughts on “Motorhead Is The Best!!!!

  1. GDSoldier

    Ironic man, I was looking for a nice live version of “Killed by Death” only a few days ago and couldn’t find one so I d/l the original clip (the same one you posted)… that’s a bit trippy!! Death to Zion-1488!

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  3. GDSoldier

    Glad you included the duet with Girlschool !, I’ve had a soft spot for that once since seeing it on rage in the 80’s…… Maybe an Iron Maiden/Manowar/Judas Priest section would be sweet too:}
    1488 brother.

  4. Abbey

    Fuck yeah Motörhead is the best!! How’s the heat going over in the east?? Fuckin dusty and dry here…Heard there were fires in SA. You ever heard the band ‘clutch’?? They write some killer rock and roll for a newer band man.

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      Heats not too bad now man, but it was 40- 45 all last week and there were fires up in the Barossa Valley area…. Hmmmm, never heard ‘Clutch’ before. I’ll look into that! 1488

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