Lookin’ For A Reason




You’ll have to turn a blind eye to the ‘Woodstock Hippie’ imagery in Hello Mary Lou! Couldn’t find any other decent clip of it without stinkin’ Hippies!

I love the guitar in these songs. It’s great to turn up real loud!!

– BDL1983

4 thoughts on “Lookin’ For A Reason”

  1. G’day Bret ,sorry I know this is totally O/T but hope you can give me a bit of information,.
    I often go to the shopping centres with the wifey where I’m a bit of a nosey bastard when I step outside for a smoke. I like to observe very black people arriving and departing in very late model cars, I saw a very late model Mitsubishi rock up the other day and out stepped 2 very large breeding units with a load of nigglets , Somalis at a guess, others driving late model hybrid Camrys etc , I make comment to the very liberal Wifey and she says they might be brain surgeons[ know she is taking the piss] to which I say well why don’t they do it back where they come from, a bit farcical really, I just say ok they must be on the night shift .. Where the f**ck do they get their money from , I can’t get a poxie tooth fixed, my liberal wifey earns to much money by about 20 bucks …..pissed off white man….. enjoy you’re site

    1. I’d say they get all their money from us stupid white fucks who actually go to work!! If Whitey was a group thinker he would have decided to collectively not go to work anymore – Quit on the spot & we would all go to the fucking welfare office to collect our payments….. The system supporting these “new Australians” would collapse overnight without us! It’d be funny to see, but it wont happen! Glad you like the site man, I like doin a bit of ranting and raving on here from time to time! haha

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