The New South Wales Parliamentary Menorah-Lighting Ceremony

Here’s a sickening display of Jewishness in the New South Wales parliament. (Showing us all who’s boss.) From J-Wire:

Chanukah got off to an early start when Rabbi Pinchus Feldman lit all eight candles at a special ceremony in the NSW Parliament.

A fully lit Menorah by Rabbi Pinchus Feldman
Premier Barry O’Farrell

The event, co-hosted by the Sydney Yeshiva and the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies, was attended by many NSW State politicians as well as Federal members Michael Danby and Josh Frydenberg together with NSW Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells.

During his speech preceding the lighting of the candles the Yeshiva’s Rabbi Feldman recited a special prayer for the victims of the Philippine typhoon as well as victims of other disasters around the globe.

Speakers included Premier Barry O’Farrell, Leader of the Opposition John Robertson, President of the NSW Legislative Council Don Harwin, Speaker of the NSW Legislative Assembly Shelley Hancock and President of the NSWJBD Yair Miller.

In his address, Premier Barry O’Farrell reaffirmed Don Harwin’s statement that the NSW Parliament was the oldest in Australia and effectively where modern-day Australia began. He said that Chanukah not only represented a story of multiculturalism but also one of multi-faith. He added: “The story of the Jewish people is a story of survival. Your values, the values of Judaism, underpin Western society.”

Rabbi Pinchis Feldman, Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells and Premier Barry O’Farrell

He told a WWII story from Holland which he described as “a Chanukah miracle”. He said: “A young woman who had survived too many pograms decided to flee and to change her name and pretend she was Christian in order to survive the war.The good news is that she did. The bad news is that she left her home by train with a package packed for her by her sister on the eve of Chanukah with all the usual Chanukah treats including latkes. As she was sitting in the train with part of her luggage a Gestapo officer walked into the carriage and she suddenly realised that within her luggage was something that would disclose her religion…something that could have ultimately have lead to her death. As she worried about this a young girl who was eating an apple, spat the apple out and as luck would have it, like a miracle of Chanukah, the Gestapo officer slipped on the apple and knocked himself out and was carried out of the carriage.”

There just had to be a Holohoax miracle involved somewhere along the line! Hahaha!!

“Your values, the values of Judaism, underpin Western society.” – There you go. Straight from the Premier’s mouth! The modern “West” most certainly is a Jewified culture, that’s for sure.

For more on this disgusting ceremony click here.

– BDL1983

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  1. G’day Brett, a bit O/T but wondered if you have any info on what is going on with John Hardons blog, he hasn’t posted for over 2 weeks , hope all’s well , read you’ve had Skype contact with him , would appreciate any info …thanks Dave …. good site by the way

        Thanks for that , found this the other day , never before in history has a leader received such adulation and certainly not since , think there is a side shot of the man @ 1.34 , the girl he talks to goes all wobbly as are most of the women, they adored him, think this might be around 1937/38 and they are on a wave of prosperity, check the pretty face @ 3.59, so sad when you think of what is to come
        ……Adolf Hitler my heart will go on banned in 200 countries …. ..Dave

  2. There is only Seven Prince Electors, so there is only seven candles to be lit, not eight… Just goes to show how senile the Judiac Ziobots are becoming, they cannot even add up! It’s seven candles, not eight!

    1. Ignorance is bliss until it comes back to bite you in the arse! And hopefully it does bite every modern politician to death… We can only hope eh!
      1488 comrade!

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