Female Model turns into Justin Bieber

From this:

Elliott Sailors
Female model, Elliott Sailors


To this:




This is not normal folks!

Before and After:



This article from the Huffington Post explains her ‘gender-bending’:

While she did lose her womenswear clients after switching over to male modeling, Sailors discovered that she could extend her career in this new gender role, rather than try to extend her tenure in the youth-obsessed female modeling world. “In the industry, females are expected to look younger longer than males are,” she said. “And I knew I was getting older.” Once she committed, she chopped off her long hair into a masculine haircut and hoped for the best, understanding that she would certainly take a pay cut as a male model (per the industry standard).

“I’ve never identified as a male, but I’ve always described myself as a guy,” she told HuffPost Live, explaining that the career shift is not just a “phase.” Thanks to gender-bending models like Andrej Pejić, who Sailor considers a “total inspiration,” and Casey Legler, another female model who exclusively models menswear, it seems that Sailor is contributing to a growing industry-wide conversation about self-expression and the roles of men and women in fashion.

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This sure is weird stuff.

Why, oh why, would a model who looks beautiful and natural as a FEMALE, want to do this to herself? She looks about as masculine as one of those Justin Bieber, One Direction types of teenage fags, that the Jew-controlled music industry loves to promote! She doesn’t have manly features, so why bother turning her into a ‘little boy’? It’s just sick and fucked up; all this ‘gender-bending‘. If the fashion Jews over there in Jew York really need more male models, then why not find a MALE for the Job? Oh no, that would make sense. “Better offer it to a female, so we can promote ‘gender-benders’ as somehow normal

This is the sort of stuff promoted ALL OVER THE TV these days. We truly do live in ‘enlightened‘ times………..

– BDL1983

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    1. I know, I know… It’s such a shame; i just had a quick browse over those pictures again…. She had so much to like.. (shake head)…. ah well.

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