Today’s Thrill Kill!

I didn’t really feel like having an adrenaline rush today. Ah well, sometimes you have no choice! It was either me or him, and it wasn’t going to be me!! This is the black bastard who was hanging around outside my shed door:







He measured in at 1.5 metres; a nice old ‘five-footer’!

Ahhhhh………… With that over with, it’s time for a cuppa to soothe the nerves:


– BDL1983

8 thoughts on “Today’s Thrill Kill!”

  1. I was hiking at Torrey Pines State Reserve the other day, and I hiked down the cliffs to the beach to walk back to my car. I ran into a little baby rattle snake right on the beach, it was crazy! Never seen a rattle snake on the beach before. I’m guessing it fell off the cliff and landed in the sand. LOL, I didn’t need to kill it though.

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