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Twitter, White Racial Identity, and Comments….

Time to die.

Time to die.


I have had my day with Twitter. I am completely sick of it. Therefore I have made the decision to kill my account in 48 hours time. The reason for this is that it is nothing but a distraction from reading or writing something decent. All you wind up doing is wasting time arguing with random anonymous Twitter “handles”. Fuck that! There is nothing worse than dealing with a world of intellectually regressive arguments, so why bother? I don’t care what some anonymous Twitter idiot has to say!

Anyway, ACTUAL people who have ACTUAL names and faces can drop me a line in the comment section here if you want to contact me, then we can go from there. Basically, if I can’t verify that you are a real and genuine person, then I have no interest whatsoever in discussing or arguing anything with you. I’ve decided that my new policy on interacting on the internet is going to be: either you will be prepared to VIDEO Skype with me so we each know who we’re dealing with OR you can just piss off. That’s it. End of story.

White Racial Identity

White Racial Identity

White Racial Identity

I’ve also decided that I don’t need two websites. So what’s going to happen over the next however long a period of time, is I’m going to re-post all of the original content from White Racial Identity here, along with whatever else I deem necessary. After I’ve gone through the whole site, it will then be deleted. Merging everything back into Expel The Parasite is the way to go, that way I can focus my energy better.


Trolls: “Fuck off” or “Get fucked” will be my first response, and that’s only if I decide to publish your bullshit. After that you will be permanently banned. Most likely your first comment will go straight to trash anyway, so you needn’t bother.

Dissenting comments: I will only respond if you are prepared to prove your identity (or I know who you are already), like I said above. Besides, VIDEO Skype is not that hard to do. Otherwise, why should I take you seriously?

Good comments: Welcome!

– BDL1983

Website Directions….

Pay attention

Pay attention

Over the last couple of months I’ve been thinking about whether I’ll continue “Expel The Parasite“, considering my focus has been on my other site “White Racial Identity“. The option of deleting it entirely is kind of pointless because it has plenty of good information on it and people seem to like it – so I figure it may as well stay online. In order to combat the temptation to double post everything on both sites, I’ve decided that each site needs to be more focused on certain topics.

Expel The Parasite


This site will focus mainly on news stories, commentaries, interesting articles, miscellaneous bits and pieces, some music etc, primarily relating to National Socialism and the Jewish/racial problems; more like how it used to be, essentially. Humour will be injected where appropriate! I’m not sure how often it will be updated, but whatever.

Christianity will not be the “express focus” of Expel The Parasite in the future. I mean, sure, it will still come up in conjunction with National Socialism and other subjects, but in-depth information on Christianity will only be posted at White Racial Identity from now on.

White Racial Identity


This site will focus primarily on Christian Identity, National Socialism, and the Jewish Problem. News stories not related to Christianity or National Socialism typically won’t appear here anymore. I originally started “White Racial Identity” intending for it to be an information-based site, not for news fluff and the like – therefore that’s what it will be from now on.

Truth Militia


Recently, Keith appeared on a show with Bill Finck to talk about his investigation into Christian Identity. The show that they did hit a lot of great points which I completely agree with. Christian Identity is the absolute truth and Keith’s experience in waking up to it resonates very closely with mine. Once you understand Christian Identity, there is no going back – only a fool would try to ignore it. So, if you want to know why I subscribe to C.I. doctrine, then listen to this show and pay close attention –

Download Show

In the future I’ll be posting all Christian Identity information over at White Racial Identity.


White Racial Identity is the truth.

I hope that explains everything clearly enough. Either way, whatever I decide is worth posting will appear here or at White Racial Identity.


– BDL1983