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Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed – Shaun Surplus & Me (1st March Edition)

Yesterday, after chatting to Shaun Surplus on Skype and having a few beers I decided to accept Shaun’s offer to be a guest on his show. It was 100% off-the-cuff and unplanned from my perspective, so it was a good thing that Shaun actually had some content ready for the show! It’s completely raw and with swearing, and a bit of ranting and raving!

Hopefully the show’s alright to listen to, despite me still using that fucking “NASAL” headset. I’ve got a quality mic now, but I couldn’t be bothered working out how to use it for this show, since it was impromptu and I had no time to suss it out!

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun and his guest Brett speak about:

  • Miriam the douche bag and the bleeding “fart” labourals (liberal & labour)
  • Islam comes here for a better way of life and bring their barbarism
  • Baa baa rainbow sheep have you any wool and do you use the chalkboard
  • Slot machines owned predominantly by the corporate giant supermarkets
  • Indians are arrogant little bastards (and they smell)
  • People should read the Protocols
  • Street talks and the mob mentality
  • The idiot box AKA the hypnotist in the living room
  • A debate with Shaun wins a mans wife (WOT?)
  • jews own Hollywood (WOT?)
  • Shaun is Forest Gump, you just don’t know it yet

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– BDL1983