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The Church of Rome is Dead

News From Atlantis:

The Roman Catholic Church is a festering corpse which is only being kept animate in order that it may be used as a battering ram for the total destruction of Christendom. If anyone has any serious doubts that the Church of Rome has been captured by the ancient Jewish enemy, the double canonization of the anti-Popes John Paul II and John XXIII by the current impostors, Francis and Benedict XVI, should awaken people from their slumber.

John XXIII was the driving force behind Vatican II, which formalised the Jewish take-over of the Catholic Church. His main aide in this obliteration of Christianity was none other than retired pope, Benedict XVI. For the great enemy of Christianity to be canonised in the presence of his partner-in-crime, is a public victory for the forces of Judaism. To add to this mockery, the canonisation of John Paul II – a man who spread heresy into the Church as a ceaseless servant of Jewry – in the presence of the other current anti-Pope, Francis, is indicative of the sickness afflicting unHoly Mother Church.

Of course the mainstream media is celebrating this public festival of Judæo-Christianity. This is only to be expected of the Talmudic media. The Church of Rome is Dead and anyone who expects it to have a resurrection, will be sorely disappointed.

For a sycophantic article praising the dead and living scum in the Vatican, click here.

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By the way, in case anyone is unaware, my mate John Hardon from the U.K. is back blogging again!


– BDL1983