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ANNOUNCEMENT: Radio Show and New Comment Rules


Radio Show

John Hardon’s Radio Show will now be broadcast Friday Nights on Renegade.

Joining him will be Cairo, also from the UK, and myself and Aidhan, both from Australia!

Friday night 8pm Eastern Time in the US translates to 1am (Sat. morn) UK, and 9:30am Saturday morning South Australian time.

This is the direct link on Blog Talk Radio.

No more tolerance!

No more tolerance!

New Comment Rules

You have probably noticed that it is impossible to comment on this site at the moment. That’s because I am absolutely, thoroughly, and utterly sick to fucking death of feeling obliged to respond to comments left by people who clearly have no idea what this site is really all about. If you do not have a basic understanding of the Jewish problem or the race issue, then this is not the site for you! There are plenty of links on the side of my site, and many other sites on the internet which explain these things from more of a “beginner perspective“. Constantly trying to explain everything to the uninformed is just so repetitive and it takes time to respond to comments regardless of whether they are written by someone with no idea, or someone who knows the general deal. The people who comment here that actually have stuff to say which is thought provoking (you know who you are!) will be more than welcome to continue commenting. Comments will be open on a handful of the latest posts as of early next week, probably. Maybe earlier.

If your comment does not add something relevant or make a rational point, then I will delete it immediately. No second chances this time. And that includes people who comment, but aren’t actually refuting anything in the article. If you think that refuting something means misquoting from the article, then whining about it like a Jew, then you can also fuck off. I’m not tolerant and the idiocy I have seen written in some comment sections lately have confirmed why!!

Trolls and retards, by all means call in to the radio show! We’ll tell you what we think!

– BDL1983