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Radio Stormer: Unity in the Face of Invasion

Daily Stormer
April 18, 2015

Unity in the face of a shared enemy.

Unity in the face of a shared enemy.

Brett Light co-hosts with Sven Longshanks in a program looking at the invasion of White countries and the need for unity.

Explanation for the downtime on the site is given, as well as encouragement to support each other in our struggle.

The recent 400 drowned African invaders are mentioned and how before the vessel sank, one half of the crew were throwing the other half over the side anyway.

Also covered is the double standards shown by politicians, in asking children questions and then dismissing the answer when it is not the one expected.

The program ends on an upbeat note, with news of a White man running all the way round the world solo and Brett exhorting people to get up and do something.

Originally broadcast on the Radio Stormer live stream.

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This was a rather energetic show considering I was knackered…. But it was Friday night and that’s always a good time to let off a bit of steam!

– BDL1983

Radio Stormer: Aussie Hate Laws and Holohoax Truth Bombs

“Folks, please forgive my NASAL headset, it will be gone before I do any more shows and replaced with a mic that works, provided the Nazis don’t destroy our postal network”! – Alex Jones….

Daily Stormer
February 9,2015


Sven Longshanks co-hosts with Brett Light this week to get an Australian’s take on things.

A whole host of subjects were covered from current events, to timeless observations of racially determined behavior.

The podcast starts with a prank call that was made to the BBC during holohoax day, letting millions of listeners know that the whole thing is a huge lie.

The presenter shows confusion as to why neo-Nazis are not celebrating Jew deaths, but are letting them know that many of them actually survived instead.

His Jewish guest is not happy with that line of thinking and you can hear her frustration, when he asks whether she wants to continue the call and answer the allegation.

After discussing the call and the role the holohoax plays in keeping Whites silent, the conversation then moves to the hate law legislation in Australia and the Jew’s worldwide attempts to shut down all criticism of their behavior.

What really happened to the Abo ‘lost generation’ is explained by Brett and the kidnapping and selling of White children into adoption by the British state is brought up by Sven.

The reasons why multiculturalism will never work are highlighted throughout, as is the Jewish role in the deliberate destruction of our White societies.

Brett will be back for more podcasts soon on the Radio Stormer Network, including some live call-in episodes.

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Source Article (most comments about it are probably here)

And yes, I will be back for more radio, especially call ins because that’s what makes things “interesting”! Maybe we can have a LOLocaust or Hatefest, either way, suits me just fine!

 – BDL1983

Diamond Head – The Best Song Ever!

This is bloody excellent. Listen to it LOUD!

Note: I wont just be posting music here forever. I’m busy with a lot of work and other shit at the moment. Site’s not dead, just can’t keep up the full-on pace like I used to. And then there’s always the “I’ve said it all before” factor, but I’ll find a way to get over that!

Secondary Note: I did a show on Radio Stormer last Saturday Night with Sven (will post when I have a link to it). It went well, but I’m absolutely positively sick to fucking death of my old headset, so I’ve got a PROPER mic coming my way. That way I wont sound all fucking nasal like my headset makes me sound. My voice isn’t actually anything like the way that fucking headset makes me sound! So, it’s “welcome new microphone for professional recording sound quality” and “goodbye – get fucked, you old piece of shit” for my old headset!

Back soon.

– BDL1983

Radio Stormer: Surviving Aryan Tribes and Deadly Jewish Parasites

An inconvenience for a Jew is worth at least a thousand goyim lives.

Andre, Sven and Brett discuss current news stories and popular articles from the Daily Stormer site, including:

-Half a million White refugees fleeing the Jewish regime in Ukraine

-The resignation of Jewish Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk

-The Jews ongoing slaughter of Palestinian terrorist babies

-Adolf Hitler’s warning of what the Jews would do if they had their own state

-The denial of the existence of basic biological drives to reproduce

-Double standards in circumcision for the different genders

-The biological proof of previous White empires still alive and living in Pakistan

-Resistance to Jewish Supremacy all across Europe and not just by the Muslims


I was on for the first half of the show before my internet connection went up shit creek….

– BDL1983

Radio Stormer: One Year Anniversary


Independence Day coincides with the one year anniversary of The Daily Stormer.

Publisher Andrew Anglin joins writers Brett Light and Sven Longshanks to discuss this and other topics including:

  • Sudanese rape-monsters in Australia
  • Elton John’s hotline to Jesus
  • Animal lovers adopting pets from Africa
  • Evidence of Jewish infection from around the White world

Andre’s connection wasn’t great, he was broadcasting from a cafe playing music from when blacks made good music.  He drops out eventually.

But it was a great show, overall.


Enjoy the show. I had fun doing it!

To be ranked 27,240 on Alexa when you’ve only been up for a year is one hell of an effort! The Daily Stormer is without a doubt the internet’s premier truthful news site and I’m proud to help out in some capacity.

We march on!!!!

– BDL1983

Radio Stormer: Muslims, Mongrels and Marxism


Sven Longshanks and Brett Light discuss the DS poll results and the recent Alexa rankings, as well as other topical subjects including:

ISIS doing us a favor by showing that ‘British’ Muslims are a threat to the British.

Church Leaders exposing themselves as enemies to their own congregation, by distorting the Bible to encourage the extinction of White people.

Identifying the natural order and conforming to it is shown to be the only way to form a successful society and White societies based on caste achieved this.

‘Equality’ and ‘Human Rights’ are exposed as being in defiance of the natural order.

The Jews role in subverting society is highlighted throughout.


Hopefully the show turned out alright! I don’t really like listening to the sound of my own voice, but whatever….. It’s you that has to listen to it, not me!! Hahaha!

Here’s the link to the Stormer post.

– BDL1983