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Radio Stormer: Aussie Hate Laws and Holohoax Truth Bombs

“Folks, please forgive my NASAL headset, it will be gone before I do any more shows and replaced with a mic that works, provided the Nazis don’t destroy our postal network”! – Alex Jones….

Daily Stormer
February 9,2015


Sven Longshanks co-hosts with Brett Light this week to get an Australian’s take on things.

A whole host of subjects were covered from current events, to timeless observations of racially determined behavior.

The podcast starts with a prank call that was made to the BBC during holohoax day, letting millions of listeners know that the whole thing is a huge lie.

The presenter shows confusion as to why neo-Nazis are not celebrating Jew deaths, but are letting them know that many of them actually survived instead.

His Jewish guest is not happy with that line of thinking and you can hear her frustration, when he asks whether she wants to continue the call and answer the allegation.

After discussing the call and the role the holohoax plays in keeping Whites silent, the conversation then moves to the hate law legislation in Australia and the Jew’s worldwide attempts to shut down all criticism of their behavior.

What really happened to the Abo ‘lost generation’ is explained by Brett and the kidnapping and selling of White children into adoption by the British state is brought up by Sven.

The reasons why multiculturalism will never work are highlighted throughout, as is the Jewish role in the deliberate destruction of our White societies.

Brett will be back for more podcasts soon on the Radio Stormer Network, including some live call-in episodes.

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And yes, I will be back for more radio, especially call ins because that’s what makes things “interesting”! Maybe we can have a LOLocaust or Hatefest, either way, suits me just fine!

 – BDL1983