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Let’s All Hold Hands….

Now folks, a loving gentleman named Stan has just dropped an enlightened comment on one of my evil, racist, hateful posts about negro cultureNaturally, in the light of Stan’s words, I have renounced all of my previous views and I wish to hold hands in solidarity with all humanity. If we just love everyone enough, squeeze hands tighter than ever before, maybe, just maybe, all of the worlds problems will go away. We’ve tried this approach before, but we just didn’t try hard enough!

Here are Stan’s wise words:

Reading through your site, there is a thread that runs through all that you say. And so I ask:
Son, what are you so afraid of? Everyday that you embrace these lies and ignorance is another day you have denied yourself the joy of loving all the good people of the world, no matter who they are. We all are of different colors, cultures and backgrounds. However, in the international society–mankind–there are but two kinds of people: those who love and those who hate; those who live in ignorance-driven fear and those who know the truth.

See? Now you know what I experienced reading through Stan’s words.  If Stan’s not afraid, then we shouldn’t be either! I’m no longer “afraid”!

I’m in the crowd somewhere there…. lols

Hahaha! Couldn’t resist posting that.

Cheers Stan!

– BDL1983