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Racial Loyalty – A Silly Concept?

A smart young woman!

A smart young woman!

Consider this:

……………. (Being accused of being “racist”) It is all as nonsensical as if someone was accused of being familyist’ because they love their own close relatives somewhat more than they love total strangers. Imagine such a crime being written into law with the assumption being that if you are loyal to your family, your wife/husband, children or your parents you must surely hate those who are not in your family – such as your neighbours or absolutely anyone not that close to you. Yet that is how we have been taught to view racial loyalty, but only in the case of White racial loyalty…………….

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That is a brilliant paragraph and something every turd who accuses us of being “racist” should consider, but they won’t of course, because we are the bad guys, right?

– BDL1983