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Diamond Head – The Best Song Ever!

This is bloody excellent. Listen to it LOUD!

Note: I wont just be posting music here forever. I’m busy with a lot of work and other shit at the moment. Site’s not dead, just can’t keep up the full-on pace like I used to. And then there’s always the “I’ve said it all before” factor, but I’ll find a way to get over that!

Secondary Note: I did a show on Radio Stormer last Saturday Night with Sven (will post when I have a link to it). It went well, but I’m absolutely positively sick to fucking death of my old headset, so I’ve got a PROPER mic coming my way. That way I wont sound all fucking nasal like my headset makes me sound. My voice isn’t actually anything like the way that fucking headset makes me sound! So, it’s “welcome new microphone for professional recording sound quality” and “goodbye – get fucked, you old piece of shit” for my old headset!

Back soon.

– BDL1983