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Proles At The Polls

From United Nationalists Australia:


Much Ado About Nothing Nationalistic.

One thing we do know about this year’s federal election, which is hanging on a thread so tight it could split a fly in two, no matter whom wins, the planes will keep coming. And coming. And coming. And then probably the boats will come again too.

You could run a broom clear through the whole turgid election and only sweep up one party that dared challenge non-White immigration.

The Australia First Party has returned a commendable result in this breadless circus. Running candidates in three states and the Northern Territory — the party president flying nationalist colours in Lindsay — AFP managed a positive countrywide swing.

Alas, Jim Saleam came last as did Susan Jakobi in Victoria, but that is little surprise to the party fold, who entered the contest full-well knowing a lower-house seat was pie in the sky.

Regardless, Susan scored around 2,600 votes, trumping NSW’s street-fighting total. She will no doubt be looking for a pay rise and an expense account. Fully wakkas Aussie-hero Danny Nalliah must’ve slung God a ripping prayer to steal the lead on her, but as we can see Australians are collectively concussed when it comes to voting.

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The United Nationalists Australia site is a great resource covering Australian Nationalism and all the bullshit antics of our political enemies and civic patriots. Be sure to check it out, especially now that Whitelaw Towers is no longer being updated.

– BDL1983

Australia First Party Protests Harvey Norman Over Their Hiring Policy

Our protest on Saturday. Note "RAPEfugees" on the banner. That was good!

Our protest on Saturday at Harvey Norman Gepps Cross.

Billionaire Gerry Harvey decided recently that he’d prefer to offer jobs in his Harvey Norman electrical appliance store chain to none other than 12,000 Syrian RAPEfugees, rather than give some jobless Australians a chance. What a low-life scumbag selling his own struggling countrymen up shit creek! We thought we’d give him a piece of our mind so we stood out there with our signs, passed out a few leaflets etc, for about 45 minutes or so. I know it’s only a small thing to do, but at least we did something to try and get the right message out there in the real world!

The public response was 80-90% positive I’d say, apart from a couple disinterested ethnic sorts, which is to be expected, and a couple of disgruntled granny’s who were too crazy to care what anyone’s got to say anymore regardless! Store management wasn’t overly thrilled to see us there, but they didn’t care too much provided we didn’t harass the customers. We just agreed with management since we weren’t harassing them anyway, and carried on as before. And that was it, pretty much. Then we had a few beers afterwards.

Sydney Protest November Last Year:



– BDL1983

False Hope is a Waste of Time


A shining example of a genuine approach!

False hope is a dangerous thing. It leads people into a false sense of security thinking that some group is speaking for them. This is precisely why in the US we see Donald Trump speaking on a few “controversial” issues, and why here in Australia we have these pathetic “Reclaim Australia” rallies. It is all to lead White folks down another path of false hope and no solution.

I know the argument against what I just said above, which is, “oh well, at least it brings a few issues to the table that are otherwise ignored.” I get that fact, and it’s all very well if a handful of people wake up to what’s going on as a result of some shill person/organisation saying something, but the bigger problem is that it misleads many more people than it awakens. The time for people sitting back and being complacent because they believe their new hero might do the job, is over. Fake opposition groups only exist to mislead, nothing else. Trump is probably a phony billionaire bullshit artist, and we can add to the list of bullshit artists: the English Defense League, UKIP, BNP, and here in Australia the “Reclaim Australia” group and One Nation, Tea Party and Ron Paul types in the US, you get the picture. Now, this is not to say there aren’t good people associated with these groups, there are, and that’s precisely the problem! If these shitty fake groups weren’t around, then all the good people involved in them could put their efforts toward formulating a genuine approach to our problems!

I believe it is an objective fact that people are wasting their efforts on controlled opposition groups. Not that I have some “all-knowing” brilliant way around it by creating something genuine myself, but I do know where well-intentioned people are going wrong, and that’s by placing false hopes in these compromised groups.

Anyway, my main point is that any organisation must be either 100% truth-telling and genuine in their approach, or forget about it. I’m not supporting half measures. Sure, we can use them for what they are worth – go to the rallies, spread some info, talk to a few people, try and get the message out there, but we shouldn’t waste our time attaching ourselves to these Jew compromised organisations when we know they are not really any good to start with.


I do like the Australia First Party though. They are honest in their approach, acknowledging racial reality, and their intent to implement measures which counter the Jewish problem.

Anyway, I did a Radio Stormer Presentation with Sven on the Reclaim Australia rally in Adelaide the other day. We covered a few good points.

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Either we tell it like it is, exactly how it is, or forget it.

Death or Glory.

– BDL1983

Australian Golden Dawn Supporters Clash with Anti-Fascist Faggots in Brisbane

From The White Resister:

Police officers put themselves between the opposing groups as they gathered on Queen Street outside the offices of the Consul-General of Greece. Members of the Australia First Party organised a protest to show solidarity with the Golden Dawn. Their protest was overshadowed by a Zionist-funded anti-fascist rally staged by up to 200 unionists and members of the group Antifa. The two groups first confronted each other on opposite sides of Edmonstone Street, with anti-fascist protesters yelling,

“Immigrants are welcome, Nazis are not!”

The groups made their way over the Victoria Bridge to Queen Street where they gathered outside the offices of the Consul-General of Greece, separated by a line of police.

“We shall call on the Greek government to release from gaol the illegally imprisoned Golden Dawn Members of Parliament,” the Australia First Party said on its website ahead of the protest.

“This action is about nationalists supporting nationalists, about patriots helping patriots.”

The Australia First Party has eight core policies, which include ending government funded and institutionalised policy of multiculturalism. It also champions policies that strengthen and protect the traditional family. Queensland Multicultural Affairs minister Glen Elmes on Thursday criticised the Australia First Party’s protest.

“Racism should be rejected outright at every opportunity,” he said.

“I condemn the views of the misguided Golden Dawn organisation, and call on all Queenslanders to do likewise.”

 Source Article, also here.

Immigrants are welcome, Nazis are not!” – can you even imagine how much of a faggot you’d have to be walking down a street chanting that?! And these Antifa wankers think they are fighting the system! They are the system, but they are all far too stupid to work that out…..

Maybe stupidity will wipe out humanity before the Jews can? Flip a coin…… Sometimes I just don’t know anymore.

– BDL1983