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A World Without Cancer

This video by G. Edward Griffin explains the deal with cancer. Essentially it is the result of a nutritional deficiency. People do not get enough vitamin B17 in their diets, therefore as a person ages their susceptibility to developing cancer increases. This is why the number of people getting cancer has skyrocketed – lack of B17! The Jew pharmaceutical companies know this and put in every effort to prevent the trade of apricot kernels (high B17 content) or the sale of laetrile which is B17 in tablet form. Chemotherapy is fucking big business and these Jews make a “killing” (quite literally) out of it. Vitamin B17 found in apricot kernels, apple seeds etc cannot be patented because it is a naturally occurring substance and it would put them out of business if people actually knew about it…..

There’s plenty more information on the net about this topic if you care to scratch around for it. The only words I found against it all come from people tied in with the pharmaceutical companies. They go, “there’s no evidence or peer-reviewed studies showing vitamin B17 to be effective.” Well, that’s because they don’t want to test it and therefore you won’t find peer-reviewed studies attesting to it’s effectiveness. It’s the same scenario we have when some idiot says that there’s no credible studies proving the Holocaust to be a hoax. They (the Jews) get to define what the word “credible” means, so no matter how good your case is you cannot argue with them or they’ll just say that your information isn’t credible. It’s all so stupid isn’t it?

– BDL1983