Here is one of my favourite passages from George Lincoln Rockwell’s book ‘White Power’. It’s the last bit from Chapter 5 – “The Shipwreckers” and Rockwell describes studying Hitler and first reading Mein Kampf….. Enjoy!


G.L.Rockwell –

“As I studied and thought my way further into the chaos of our national madness, I began to wonder why we had gone to war on the side of the Bolsheviks, who had openly boasted for nearly a hundred years of their plans to destroy us by force and violence and lies and subversion – while we completely wrecked Christian Germany, which never had a single highly placed spy in our country, and no practical chance (or plans) for conquering the world, as I had believed they were trying to do.

I wondered about Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. I had learned he was right about the Jews. It might be worth reading his book, Mein Kampf, to see if he had said anything else right, too.

I hunted around the San Diego bookshops, and finally found a copy of Mein Kampf hidden away in the rear. I bought it, took it home, and sat down to read.

And that was the end of one Lincoln Rockwell, the “nice guy” – the dumb “Goy” – and the beginning of an entirely different person.

Reading Mein Kampf was like finding part of me. Chaos and disorder and mental “greyness” are immensely frustrating to me. I had suffered for years trying to fathom the endless philosophical, social and political mess in the world, and the even messier explanations offered by religions and sociology.

Over and over I had said to myself, “There must be some sense, some logical causal relationship between social and political facts, and how they got that way!” In spite of the sometimes-messy appearance of things and creatures in Nature, there is no real mess. There is a reason, a cause, for every atom being where it is, in Nature. I could not and do not believe that Nature has no laws, no reasons and no causes in social affairs.

But no person, no book, nor my own mind had been able to discover head or tail to things. I simply suffered from the vague, unhappy feeling that things were “wrong” -I didn’t know exactly how – and that there must be a way of diagnosing the “disease” and its causes, and making intelligent, organized efforts to correct that “something Wrong”.

In Mein Kampf I found abundant mental sunshine which bathed all this grey world suddenly in the clear light of reason and understanding. Word after word, sentence after sentence stabbed into the darkness like thunderclaps and lightning bolts of revelation, tearing and ripping away the cobwebs of more than thirty years of darkness, brilliantly illuminating the “mysteries” of the heretofore impenetrable murk in a world gone mad. I could not lay the book down without agonies of impatience to get back to it. I read it walking to the squadron. I took it into the air and read it lying on the chart-board while I automatically gave the instructions to the other jets circling over the desert. I read it crossing the Coronado Ferry. I read it into the night and the next morning. When I had finished, I started again, and reread every word, underlining and marking especially magnificent passages. I studied it; I thought about it; I wondered at the utter, indescribable genius of it.


How could the world not only ignore Mein Kampf, but also damn it and curse it and hate it and pretend that it was a plan for “conquering the world, when it was the most obvious and rational plan for saving the world ever written? Had nobody read it I wondered, that people went around saying it was the work of a mad “rug-chewer”? How could sensible people get away with such monstrous intellectual fraud? Why was it so hated and cursed? I could see why the Jews would hate and curse it, but why my own people?

I learned that Hitler not only did NOT want to conquer the world, or any other nation, but only to get back the parts of Germany hacked off by the Versailles treaty.

I know that, were Mexico to beat us in a war and get Texas and Arizona away from us, I would never rest until we had them back. Would you?

Hitler didn’t and couldn’t. He openly said he wanted back the parts of Germany given to Poland, Czechoslovakia, etc. The only places he ever “attacked” were once parts of GERMANY, such as Prussia and Austria, stolen by Versailles, just as if we lost Florida and Texas, you would certainly “attack” these states until they were again American.

Hitler said, in the same Mein Kampf, that the survival of Western Civilization rested on the preservation of the British Empire, and that if the Jews were able to get a war started against Germany by England, the end result would be that England would lose her empire. Is that not exactly what has happened? Hitler went so far as to say that he would gladly help the British defend the British Empire with force of German arms!

Check just one sample from Mein Kampf, to see how YOU have been swindled and lied to about Hitler and World War II.

How many times have you heard the phrase “Hitler’s Big Lie Technique”? Is not the “big lie” generally believed by most people to be an invention of Adolf Hitler – a technique Hitler is supposed to advocate in Mein Kampf?

The Anti-Defamation League of B’Nai B’rith put out a booklet “simplifying” “Nazism” for the average man, in which the Jewish author writes: “Of course, part of the Nazi propaganda technique was simply the art of fabrication. Hitler wrote: ‘A definite factor in getting a lie believed is the size of the lie. The broad masses of the people, in the simplicity of their hearts, more easily fall victim to a big lie than a small one’.”

Now here is what Hitler REALLY wrote, on page 232 of Mein Kampf on the subject:

“It required the whole bottomless falsehood of the Jews and their Marxist fighting organization to lay the blame for the collapse on that very man who alone, with superhuman energy and will power, tried to prevent the catastrophe he foresaw and save the nation from its time of deepest humiliation and disgrace. By branding Ludendorff as guilty for the loss of the World War, they took the weapon of moral right from the one dangerous accuser who could have risen against the traitors to the fatherland. In this they proceeded on the sound principle that the magnitude of a lie always contains a certain factor of credibility, since the great masses of the people in the very bottom of their hearts tend to be corrupted rather than consciously and purposely evil, and that, therefore, in view of the primitive simplicity of their minds, they more easily fall a victim to a big lie than to a little one, since they themselves lie in little things, but would be ashamed of lies that were too big. Such a falsehood will never enter their heads, and they will not be able to believe in the possibility of such monstrous effrontery and infamous misrepresentation in others; yes, even when enlightened on the subject, they will long doubt and waver, and continue to accept at least one of these causes as true. Therefore, something of even the most insolent lie will always remain and stick – a fact which all the great lie-virtuosi and lying-clubs in this world know only too well and also make the most treacherous use of. The foremost connoisseurs of this truth regarding the possibilities in the use of falsehood and slander have always been the Jews; for after all, their whole existence is based on one single great lie, to wit, that they are a religious community while actually they are a race – and what a race! One of the greatest minds of humanity has nailed them forever as such in an eternally correct phrase, of fundamental truth: he called them ‘the great masters of the lie.’ And anyone who does not recognize this or does not want to believe it will never in this world be able to help the truth to victory.”



Above: GLR confronting commie MLKoon.

Note that Hitler, far from recommending the “big lie”, condemns it as a JEWISH technique! I found the same thing all through Mein Kampf – the very opposite of what the Jews keep telling us is in the book. But nobody ever bothers to read it, so that the Jews continue to get away with this arrogant big lie.

Perhaps even more shocking, I discovered, long after the war, just how arrogant the Jews had been in claiming that Hitler “started” World War II – when even before we got into it, they published a book called “Germany Must Perish”, which actually preached the EXTERMINATION of the German people (long before any possible gas chambers were even to be alleged). And more startling still the Jews laid out the division of Germany on a map in 1940, and the line the Jews drew on their map way back in 1940 is pretty much the same line which now divides Germany!

All of this would be too unbelievable without proof, without the documents, so here they are – together with comments of such sterling “Iove-mongering” as TIME magazine, which called the Jewish plan to exterminate the German people (before the war) “A sensational idea!”, and the New York Times which called it “A plan for permanent peace among civilized nations!”

Observe how arrogantly the Jew author, Kaufman, boasts on the title page, that “This dynamic volume outlines a comprehensive plan for the extinction of the German nation and the total eradication from the earth, of all her people. Also contained herein is a map illustrating the possible territorial dissection of Germany and the apportionment of her lands.” -All this before the war!!

I didn’t see this Jewish plan to exterminate all Germans, all over the earth (which includes tens of millions of Americans of German extraction), until after these Jews had propagandized me and millions of other innocent Americans into going over there and actually trying to exterminate the German people. For instance, we fire bombed more than a quarter of a million women and children and refugees in non-military Dresden, in ONE NIGHT of nightmare and horror. We followed up, after the war, not only by “dissecting” Germany, as this Jewish genocidist recommended, but by putting into effect the savage plans of his fellow Jew, Mongenthau, to destroy Germany’s possibility of feeding and taking care of itself. We went over there after the war, and destroyed not only factories, but millions of acres of forests to destroy the land itself!

I reread and studied Mein Kampf some more. Slowly, bit-by-bit, I began to understand. I realized that National Socialism, the iconoclastic world-view of Adolf Hitler, was the doctrine of scientific, racial idealism – actually a new idealism for our times. I saw an age similar to that of two thousand years ago, when another world-view was on the rise – a world-view that shook and changed the world forever. I realized that this new and wonderful doctrine of scientific truth applied to man himself, as well as to nature and inanimate matter, was the only thing which could save man from his own degradation in luxury, self-seeking short-sightedness and racial degeneration. The doctrine of Adolf Hitler was the political salvation of our times, and Adolf Hitler himself the rescuer sent recurrently to a collapsing humanity by an inscrutable Providence. Hitler’s and Germany’s “crucifixion” was all according to the inevitable workings of this unknowable Scenarist. Even the eleven hanged “disciples” in Nuremberg were not without significance!

The most hated and dreaded idea two thousand years ago was Christianity. And the most hated and cursed man on earth was Jesus Christ. His followers were bitterly persecuted and murdered by the “good”, “sensible” people who, like anybody in his “right mind” recognized Rome and the Empire were the most solid, substantial things in the world. I realized that today’s Marxist-Democratic world is another sprawling “Roman Empire”, and today’s Nazis similar to the early “Christians”.

What is going on is far more than a battle for political supremacy in the present social and political situation. It is the utter smashing and destruction of a society which has become so rotten that it will tolerate and even love its own Marxist destroyers – and the painful slow growth of the new Nazi society which will replace it, even though it is now the most “hated”, “despised” and “feared” doctrine on earth, (as Christianity once was).Such mighty, awesome thoughts come oven a man but once in a lifetime, if ever. And when they do, that man changes for all time.

At once a great weight lifted off my soul. I knew that I had found my way to the sun at last. The days of mental darkness, searching and endless frustration were over. But at the same time, an immensely heavy burden replaced it, but in a different, even satisfying way. I knew that I had to do what I could to spread the new and wonderful idea and secure its victory in the collapsing world, no matter what it cost me, even if I were to become a “failure” to be “fed to the lions” in the coliseum. I was as sure then as I am now that it will be done. Nothing can stop the victory of what is now a historical necessity, determined by events beyond our control.

The Marxists pretend it is their victory, which is historically assured. But their timing is off. They were fated to rise to the top. And they have. They have had their victory. Now it is all over, no matter how mighty and terrifying their power and their “Roman Empire” may appear to be. Today, they are in the Kremlin, in Jerusalem and in the White House, wearing different masks to be sure, but nevertheless grinding the whole world under the brutal heel of the Marxist doctrines of “mass” and “equality” and racial defilement. The “Roman Legions”, which they control and of which I was so long a part, march and destroy everything, which dares oppose them. They “crucify” the whole German nation, and apostles of the great man who dare to speak one word for his genius. But they themselves have spoken their funeral oration when they said “each thing contains within itself the seeds of its own destruction”. They, too, are victims of this perfectly valid law. And their destruction now is ready to burst from within themselves’ in a furious catastrophe. Even their “legions” are disintegrating under their own Marxist, race-mixing doctrines.

WE are the new “barbarians”, forged to iron hardness in the fires of their hate and persecution. All over the world, WE wait to pounce on the arrogant, strutting “emperors” of Marxism when they have over-extended themselves only a little bit more. They can shore up their confidence with the belief that Nazism is “dead”, that they are on the march to final “world revolution”, and Jewish mastery of the world by their King of Zion. – whether they call him a “Commissar” or “Secretary General of the U. N.”, or “Premier of Israel”!

But there are millions of us, everywhere. I know, today, whereof I speak. Nothing can stop us.

On the contrary!

Only three times in the history of the world have any nations once under all-out attack by the Jewish ship-wreckers even managed to fight off the Red plague and recover control: Italy, Germany and Spain. And each time, it was not conservative talk which foiled the Red shipwreckers, but ACTION, which the enemy always curses as “fascism”. What they call “fascism” or “Nazism” is nothing more than Aryan White Man’s DEFENSE AGAINST THE RED SHIPWRECKERS. “Nazism” is the defense mechanism of the Aryan White Man against the deadly attack of world Jewry, with its Communism, Zionism, racial defilement, degeneracy and “democracy”. Nazism replaces the collapsing “conservative” defense with vigorous ATTACK.

And when a people are as near to historical death as the whole White Race, attack is not only the best defense, it is the ONLY defense.

Until our appearance on the scene, the Jews have driven every “conservative” opponent into hiding with the fearful accusation. “You’re a fascist, a Nazi !”

So far, even the so-called “anti-semitic” organizations have all run like rabbits when they have been hit with that one. They remind me of Peter protesting he was not a Christian when the Jews got after him. “Not me !” shout these terrified people. “We’re not Nazis !”

For the first time, with the arrival on the American scene of the American Nazi Party, there is now a spiritual force to look these Jew terrorists in the eye when they start that “You’re-a-Nazi”-bit and reply, “You’re damned right we’re Nazis, and we will soon enough take care of you traitors, thieves, liars, terrorists and communist enemies!”

In the old days of the shipwrecking crews, the leader was often a “pillar of the community” who conducted his ship-wrecking secretly. Attacking him was almost suicidal. But there were always courageous men to do it, in spite of the public outcry.

Americans are easy-going, friendly people, slow to wrath. Many groups and nations around the world have mistaken this easy-going nature to indicate we are also easy marks, – suckers who can be endlessly “taken”. But from the Barbary Pirates to the Mexicans we have shown that when we finally get MAD, – God help those who have tried our patience!

Turn him loose, and the American White Man can and has whipped anything in sight. Sooner or later, the Jews will finally cross the borderline of American patience as they have done all throughout their history.

When they do, the reaction of the American White Man will make the Jews get on their knees and pray for Adolf Hitler to save them. The revenge taken upon them by other outraged host people will seem like heaven compared to the ferocity of the White American, once he has had all he is going to take from these arrogant Jews.

It is my hope to be organized and ready to channel this damned-up flood of righteous American rebellion against Jew tyranny, once it breaks loose, into CONSTRUCTIVE, rather than purely destructive directions.

If I am successful, we can find a just solution to the Jewish problem.

If I am unsuccessful, there will be Jews swinging from every lamp-post in America.”

Rockwell was spot on! – BDL1983